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Everest North video "Game On" featuring the Beatnutz

May 18, 2004 09: 32 EST

Dave D'Angelo of team ExWeb just put together another beat-pumping video from BC. This on-mountain maestro of digital film is cranking out some kick-ass footage and laying down equally rockin’ tracks. Make sure you have your sound turned up high. If the Flash video doesn't show, you need to install Flash.

The last video Dave sent out from Everest was called “The best video sent from Everest since Scott Woolums "storm in Camp 3" last year!” Both expeditions edited the videos right in the high camps, and then used RBGAN and Contact 2.0 for transmissions live to web. No middle men here, guys - this is the real thing from the mountain straight to you! After the season is over, there will have to be an awards ceremony for best video because each one gets better and better in our eyes.

And here's Dave's latest report:

“It's that time. In the video Marshall describes our summit plan, or a tentative one at least. Today Vladimir is up at Camp II, 7800m and will hopefully be heading up tomorrow to III, and then summit the following day - without oxygen. Illya and Arkadie headed up today and we'll head up tomorrow. Alex, Artur, and Dimitri will follow in the next couple of days.

It's been a fun ride so far, and it's about to get 1000% times more exciting.

I plan to bring a film camera, video camera, and sat phone for the summit bid. This hopefully means voice dispatches pretty regularly on summit day. I am hoping this is the best birthday ever!”

The Russian Adventure team has recently been on trips to Elbrus and Ararat, over in Turkey. They also ran a successful Everest expedition last year and are running another trip again this year to the big E. This time, Dave D'Angelo, a first time Everest climber from team ExWeb is with them.

Ludmila "Ludi" Koshelenko, the teams BC chef (who bought aprons and over sleeves for the BC cooks in China) is Yuri Koshelenko's wife, and coming with the team to Base Camp to meet her husband. Yuri is climbing the new route on the Everest North Face with the Russian National team and also joined Babanov in their first ascent of the former highest unclimbed mountain in the world – Nuptse East, 7804m last year.

Image from video provided by Contact 2.0 and ExWeb, courtesy of Dave D'Angelo.

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