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Everest North summit push update: Up to 50 climbers in attempt tonight!
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May 20, 2005 11: 52 EST
With slightly lower winds, and still no sign of the weather window, many North Side climbers have decided to take a shot at the summit, windy or not. Alexander Abramov has predicted that roughly 50 people will be going for the summit tonight, following a group of Sherpas who are on their way to fix as much as they can on the upper sections of the route.

50 people ready to go

”Forecasts announce pretty good weather for today and tomorrow, keep in mind that’s ‘good weather’ under Everest criteria,” explains Abramov. "Winds are expected to blow up to 50 km per hour, but that’s the best summit conditions we can expect for now.”

"Taking advantage of the “small weather window,” about 50 people could reach the summit tomorrow, from the North Side."

Sherpas on their way to the First Step

“Yesterday 8 Sherpas have left ABC to finish the work of fixing ropes above the First Step. That’s great news for our expedition, specially for the first team. Our Sherpas have already set and supplied C3 at 8300m, so ‘the road to the sumit is open!’”

“Our Slovenian team-members, Маrcо and Victor, and Vladimir Lande with his personal high-altitude porter spent the night at 7700 m. Today they planned to reach 8300 m. Harry Kikstra and Lorenzo Gariano spent the night at the North Col and hope to reach the summit on Sunday, despite bad weather forecasted for that day.”

Next wave, next week

“After this small break in the weather there will be no other ‘window’ until the 25th. Therefore, the teams not going for the summit now are planning their bids between the 25 - 30th of May.”

Image of climbers on the North side courtesy of San Marino Everest 2005 expedition
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