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Everest North summit push update: Final summit snow pyramid 7.30 am local
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May 22, 2005 00: 55 EST
Here's an update for tonights summit push from Everest north side, including a report of yesterday and summits:

Today 22May

"Further group of 20+ climbers can be seen making their way to the summit, at 7:30 am they were on the final summit snow pyramid only 1-2 hrs till the summit."

"The weather surprisingly today is very good, clear and almost windless, the summit team report being warm and in good condition. It would seem as though this year is a very difficult one for the weather forecasters with the current crop of forecasts with a wide spread of opinions on the wind speeds."

Debrief on yesterday

21 May: Rest ABC watching small team heading to summit. Weather reports have been very conflicting over the last 1-2 weeks, with some diametrically opposed. Today winds are reported to be from almost calm to 40 knots – a vast difference. We have been watching a group of approximately 15 climbers struggling up to the summit having left at 11:40pm last night."

"The group is having to fix lines along the way and while the winds looked light initially they have picked up in the last few hours considerably. Dawa Chiri from the Norwegian and Tshering from the Indian Air Force team did a fantastic job earlier today, they left top camp and fixed ropes quickly to the base of the third step, before running out of rope – the other climbers brought more with them."

More summiteers

"Incredibly Dawa Chiri was then back down at ABC for lunch!!! The climbing group of 15 people appeared to summit Mt Everest at 10am with some stragglers approaching the summit closer to 12 noon. We believe the Arun Treks Expedition has placed two or three members on the summit, Michael Frank (USA), Rosa Maria Fernandez (Spain) & possibly Karma (Bhutan) along with four climbing Sherpas Da Nima, Lhakpa, DaYula and Dawa."

"There was also people from Kari Kobler's team, Jocelyn from Monte Rosa and other unknown teams on the summit. It is unclear how the strengthening winds are effecting the climbers but the summit is now partly obscured by clouds so we can’t tell what is going on (1pm Nepal time). We have not had any radio updates from the team since they summited. Will update on results tomorrow as we get more confirmed news."

Another day to confirm

"We will have to wait for another day till we can confirm exactly who summited. Latest info 4pm is Michael (USA) is back to 8300m feeling tired but OK, Rosa (Spain) is back at 7900m but Karma is missing having last been seen heading up when everyone else is was going down, the climbers at high camp were expecting him to arrive at anytime."

*Fresh news Karma is back at 8300m at 7pm (Nepali time)."

"The Indian Airforce team had 2 members turn back at the second step – one with a broken crampon... And the the other with failed Summit Oxygen system, so problem with the o-ring??"

"The Weather is reported to be closing in for the next 6-7 days with extremely high winds – but the weather reports have been so hit and miss this season it is hard to know exactly when our summit window will occur. We sit and watch the mountain now and wait, we hope all the summit climbers get back safely in the rising winds and poor visibility."

Image of Everest north Contact GEO tracker, ExplorersWeb.

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