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Everest North side summits
09:47 a.m. EDT May 22, 2003
In a phone call with ExplorersWeb the Chinese news agency Xinhua confirms several new summits from the North side.

7.15 am Chinese Korean expedition group B
Gala (Chn), Koo Iun Soo (SK), Tark Jong Kwan (SK), Ko Young Goon (SK)

12.01 pm International team, Four summiteers two German and two American

1.16 pm Japanese Team group B
Akira Takahatake (Jp), Motoyoshi Tanaka (Jp), Kiyoyuki Izumida (Jp) together with three sherpas names not yet confirmed

1.30 pm Romanian expedition
Teodor Tulpan (R), Bogdan Lucian (R), Marius Gane (R)

2.15 pm Chinese team
Wang Shi (Chn), Liu Jang (Chn), Luo Shen (Chn) together with four sherpas names not yet confirmed.

The Swiss team going for the summit had to turn back at 8600m due to bad weather.

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