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Everest North: Summit push tonight - Live from 8300m!
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Jun 3, 2005 10: 43 EST
The remaining teams on the North side of Everest are going for it tonight. Just in from Jean Pavilliard: “Camp 4, 8300m. In several hours we will attempt Everest. I will talk to you all soon.” (Editors note: High camp at 8300 meter is C4 for some teams, such as Jean’s and Jagged Globe, or C3 for other teams such as Duncan’s).

Monica and Jean sends live image at 8300m!

The short update is accompanied by a picture (also illustrating this story) taken just minutes ago and sent live through Contact 3.0. The image was taken at 8300m, becoming the highest live image sent through Contact software.

Jean is guiding ‘supermom’ Monica Kalozdi, and both are climbing along with Russell Brice’s Himalayan experience team. The team reached Camp 3 yesterday 9at 7900m); today they proceeded to 8300m and the final camp before tonight’s summit push.

Jagged Globe ‘second half’ with Ran ready to follow

Also aiming for the summit tonight is the second half of Jagged Globe North Side team, including Ranulph Fiennes. Ran, Neal (assistant guide), Jens, Mark and Ian “are snuggled in at camp 4 sucking in their bottled oxygen and ready to go for it in a few hours from now,” reported their home team ten minutes ago. “All members from this morning's summit are back in Camp 3 at 7,900m.”

Besides, there is a third summit team ready to try their best tonight: Paul and Namgyl, two delayed members from Duncan Chessell’s group. The guys are in high camp today whilst their mates are leaving BC!

Climbers left behind to summit

According to Duncan’s latest dispatch, after Paul and Namgyl summit, “They will then descend to ABC were we have left their trekking shoes and they will walk to BC to pick up their 4WD which is waiting for them. They are putting themselves out on a limb to a small degree as we can not help them if they are sick or injured. There is however two other strong teams on the mountain that could assist if required.”

Knighted by the Queen of England, Fiennes is a well know figure in the Polar adventure world. 60 years old, he suffered a heart attack two years ago and lost his wife to cancer last year. Everest is being no doubt a great challenge, as well as a first experience at high altitude.

Entrepreneur, mother of two and high mountain climber, Monica Kalozdi summited Cho Oyu last fall, with friend and mountain guide Jean Pavilliard. She has also summited Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, Denali, Aconcagua and Mt. Vinson. She is currently climbing Everest North side, again with Jean Pavilliard.


1.- Live image over Contact 3.0 at 8300 of Jean and Monica’s C4, courtesy of jean Pavilliard.
2.- Jean’s and Monica’s current position on the Mountain through Contact 3.0.
3.- Sibusiso Vilane (left), who summited earlier today, and Ranulph Fiennes, going for the summit tonight, courtesy of Jagged Globe.
4.- Image sent live over Contact 3.0 last week of Jean sipping O2, courtesy of Jean Pavilliard.
5.- Image sent live over Contact 3.0 two weeks ago of Monica testing Contact 3.0 tech, courtesy of Jean Pavilliard.

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