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Everest North: Jagged Globe - David, Sibusiso, Tore and Alex SUMMIT!
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Jun 3, 2005 10: 40 EST
Just in from Jagged globe's UK headquarters:

“0847 GMT. We got the message this morning that the first half of the group reached the summit by 7.20am local time (roughly 5 hours ahead of GMT), having left Camp 4 at 11.30pm. That's very quick!"

Four on top

"Last night's summit team included leader, David Hamilton (UK), Sibusiso Vilane (Swaziland/South Africa), Tore Rasmussen (Norway) and Alex Harris (South Africa), plus three of our Sherpas (names to follow). They spent 1 hour 15 minutes on the summit, taking photos. David called from Camp 4 at 11.30am, where they stopped for a break before continuing to descend. They may try and get all the way back down to ABC tonight. An update will follow later."

Sibusiso, double Everest summiteer

”With this ascent, Sibusiso Vilane enters the history books as the only black man to have climbed Everest twice and by two different routes.”

”The second half of the Jagged Globe team (including Sir Ranulph Fiennes) are now positioned at Camp 4 (8,400m). They will be going for the summit tonight.”

Jagged Globe is running 2 guided, full service expeditions to both sides of Everest this year. Among the North side team-members is South African Sibusiso Vilane. Sibusiso became a celebrity in 2003, as the first Black African to reach Mount Everest. Not all were happy for him though, some locals burned his house down! Now Vilane has summited Everest from the other side.

Along with Vilane, the team hosts another pretty famous member: Ranulph Fiennes. Knighted by the Queen of England, Fiennes is a well know figure in the Polar adventure world. 60 years old, he suffered a heart attack two years ago and lost his wife to cancer last year. Everest is being no doubt a great challenge, as well as a first experience at high altitude.

The seven-member North side group is led by David Hamilton (Glasgow, 1961). David has been leading high altitude expeditions to the Himalayas every year since 1987, including 8 8000m expeditions. He summited Everest in 2003.

File image of Sibusiso's first summit on Everest back in 2003, courtesy of Jagged Globe.

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