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Everest Adventure Peaks, weather calm high, snow low
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May 20, 2004 23: 02 EST
"Report 14 - Thursday 20th May Emails & calls from Dave at ABC

First Email:
The weather overnight at 7800m was Windy together with some snow fall. The 7.30am radio call included quite a bit of discussion as to what to do, move up, stay put or abandon the summit attempt.

The weather forecast shows a reasonable summit window for Friday and a chance of precipitation today Thursday together with winds 20-30knts. Other groups have summitted this morning (Thur) or are close to the summit in clear weather and minimal wind, ABC is wind free so it appears the group are in a band of cloud and wind at 7800m.

The group have decided to push up to the top camp at 8300m in the hope that the winds and snow they are experiencing will gradually drop. Next update 2.5hrs

Second Email:
The group finally decided the weather was too windy to move up to 8300m today and are spending tonight at 7800m in the hope that the weather will have improved by morning for a new summit attempt on the 22nd. Unfortunately if it remains the same, our summit will be abandoned and the group will return to ABC.

The past four days have shown a similar forecast, we have been unlucky to date with the amount of precipitation that has fallen; hopefully things will come good in the morning.

Satellite Call, 7am this morning:
The group are all ok, they are currently looking after other climbers that summited yesterday & today that are arriving into their camp in bad ways, and they are making them hot drinks and getting them warm. Mike is currently on his way down the North Col back to ABC to join Dave.

Dave has confirmed today that the team will leave for the summit at around 1am on Saturday morning (weather depending), and that Summit Turn around time will be 11am (6am our time)

This is a small team of climbers from various nations. Non-guided expedition organized by Dave Pritt's Adventure Peaks. The team started out with Serena Brocklebank to be following in the footsteps of her grandfather, Tom Brocklebank, who was a member of the British expedition to the north side of Everest in 1933. Kevin Donovan is a 47-year old computer systems administrator from Dallas, Texas: “I’m just an ordinary guy". Tom and Ben hope to be the first British brothers to summit Everest together. The climbers will be using the new British oxygen system.

The expedition stars in the new BBC production "The Challenge" and part of the film crew worked on the recent "Touching the Void".

Expedition leader: Dave Pritt. Paul Noble
Expedition members: Dr. Mike Brennan (UK), Ian Gibb (UK), Serena Brocklenbank (UK), Tom Clowes (UK), Ben Clowes (UK), Raymond "Ray" Smith (UK), Kevin Donovan (USA), Tony Griffiths (UK).
Expedition film crew (BBC): Tony Griffiths, cameraman John Whittle, Paul Moores, BC/ABC Director Ewen Thomson and Assistant Producer Rachel Skelton. John and Paul are from High Exposure, LTD

Image of team members compiled by ExplorersWeb

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