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Everest 4.30 AM - one climber turnes back, the rest one hour to South Summit
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May 23, 2004 20: 11 EST
"May 24-fourforty am

Hello from Mt. Everest,

It is 4:40 in the morning and I have just been talking to Lakpa through Ang Tsering at camp 2. Lakpa reports that the climbing team is at the balcony and heading up, still in good conditions. It has been cold, but everyone is doing well. Finally it is starting to get light out but we won't get full sun for another couple of hours yet. I'm sure the team will appreciate it when the sun hits and starts to warm things up a bit.

We have also been told that Jim Williams has turned around and returned to the South Col. Sounds like he is having an off day and just wasn't feeling strong enough to go all the way to the summit. So congratulations to Jim for getting as far as he has. He is fine and will now be able to contribute as part of the back-up team.


Alpine Ascents have a pretty interesting team this year. Be sure to check them out on their site. Vernon Tejas, has done the Seven Summits three times! Lakpa Rita Sherpa was the world's first Sherpa to summit Mount Vinson at Antarctica, and is a five time Everest summiteer...

Climbers near South Summit, ExplorersWeb

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