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Everest 2005: Leipzigers without Oxygen
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Dec 6, 2004 10: 46 EST

German climber Olaf Rieck has made some calculations: About 1200 climbers have summited Everest, but only 88 made it without O2, half of whom were Sherpa.

So he says, “the challenge of Everest must be faced by fair means; using tricks means nothing but self-cheating.”

Olaf has gathered a strong German-speaking team to attempt Everest next spring, “We are willing to accept the challenge, and climb without supplementary O2 support.”

Departure is March 21. Everest South normal route. Members are:

Thomas Tuerpe (Dresden, 1961). Photographer and Cameraman, he has summited Cho Oyu three times, as well as Makalu and Gasherbrum II. He reached on 7500m K2 and 8400m on Everest.

Joerg Stingl (Chemnitz, 1961). Contestant in 1980 Moscow Olympic Games, has climbed all 7000ers of Pamir and can be proud of various firsts in the Tien-Shan range. His experience at 8000 m high includes the summits of Everest without O2!, Nanga Parbat and Manaslu.

Lakpa Gelbu Sherpa (Beni, Solukhumbu, Nepal, 1977) He has summited everest without O2 twice –from both sides-, Cho Oyu, Dhaulagiri, and Lhotse. He has also climbed many Nepal 7000ers, including Ama Dablam, Pumori and Annapurna III.

Olaf Rieck (Wittenberg, 1964) Veterinary surgeon and mountain climber, has summited Cho Oyu and GII.

Olaf Zill (Born in Switzerland in 1966, lives in Basel). He has summited Makalu (first German summit w/o O2) Dhaulagiri and Cho Oyu. He reached 8000m on a previous attempt to Everest. He summited Khan Tengri and Lenin.

Jana Odrich (Leipzig, 1974). Has 5000ers in the Himalayas.

Olaf belongs to Alpin Saxon club, and was related to the team who summited Nanga Parbat last summer. That expedition ended in tragedy, when Günter Jung died on descent.

Image of expedition members gathering in Leipzig (from left to right: Olaf Rieck, Joerg, Jana, Thomas and Olaf Zill, plus Jana’s dog ‘Lucifer’) courtesy of Expedition website.
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