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Everest 2005: Jagged Globe
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Nov 26, 2004 09: 32 EST
Everest 2005 season is getting closer.

Some teams are already settled and almost ready to go. The main expedition outfitters, are near to close their groups, and offer information about routes, dates, members, etc. It’s time to start introducing them now, so that we know them we the action starts in March, 2005.

Let’s start today with Jagged Globe, the British outfitter.

Both on North and South sides

In spring 2005, Jagged Globe is running two expeditions to both sides of Everest - to the North Ridge route and to the South Col route: “We are going back to Everest, via Tibet, to allow some team members who have previously climbed the South Col route with Jagged Globe the unique opportunity of completing the "double" with an ascent of the North Ridge.”

One of those South side Everest summiteers aching for a Tibetan experience is South African Sibusiso Vilane. Sibusiso became a local celebrity last year, as the first Black African to reach Mount Everest. He summited on May 26, 2003, through the South Coll route.

Going for the third Pole at 60

Along with Vilane, the team will count on another pretty famous member: Ranulph Fiennes. Knighted by the Queen of England Fiennes is a well know figure in Polar adventure world. 60 years old, he suffered a heart attack last year. Everest will be no doubt a great challenge, as well as a first experience at high altitude.

The seven-member group will be leaded by David Hamilton (Glasgow, 1961). David has been leading high altitude expeditions to the Himalayas every year since 1987, including 8 8000m expeditions. He summited Everest in 2003.

The South Col expedition will be led by Kenton Cool (among other climbs, he opened a new route to Annapurna III last year).

Expedition file:

Who are they: Established in 1987 by Steve Bell, the currently Sheffield-based Jagged Globe built its reputation as an early pioneer of professionally run 8,000m peak expeditions. In 1993, they were the first British company to take clients to the summit of Everest and, even now, are one of the few to have led people to the top from the North and South sides of the mountain.

What they offer: Guided expedition up to the summit through both classic routes of Everest, supported by a guide, a strong Sherpa team, supplementary O2 and fixed ropes.

Price: North side expedition: US$38,000; South side expedition: US$49,000 (flights and insurance not included).

Dates: March 26 to June 5, 2004

Wanna join them? The north side group is full, but there are still some places for those interested in climbing Everest through the (Nepal) South side.

NOTE November 26: Tom Briggs, from Jagged Globe, reports that there are still two places left in the North Side group as well. Those interested may contact JG (see link)

Image of Everest North side, Fiennes and Vilane courtesy of Jagged Globe
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