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Everest, Cho Oyu and Shisha daily wrap-up: Quiet base camps, Kathmandu on fire
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Sep 3, 2004 07: 09 EST
Many teams are reaching their Advance Base Camps. Snow-covered peaks offer a tranquil view, so different from the unsettling news arriving from the capitol of Nepal.

Demonstrations and protests are on increase there after the murder in Iraq of 12 nepali civilian hostages. Climbers are currently landing (if they manage to find a not-yet-cancelled flight) in an army-patrolled, tense town.

Everest North:

Harry, Mark van Thijssen, Marc Streefkerk and Werner are now in ABC, at 6400 meters. Mark had some problems reaching ABC after dark. Two sherpas had to go and search for him, and found Mark asleep ten minutes away from the tents. Now only Marc Streefkerk is left for the group to become complete. Tomorrow the sherpas will start fixing ropes up to the North Col, at 7000m. The climbers hope to climb up there on Sunday or Monday

Cho Oyu: :

Alpine Ascents team is enjoying the good life in Cho Oyu ABC... while they can. According to Dave’s last report: "After a bit of sleeping in the day started off with hashbrowns, bacon, fried eggs and fresh coffee. We followed that up with a stroll towards CI passing by two expeditions’ camps. These guys on my team keep begging me not to mention our great meals thinking they’ll be perceived as soft. So to their friends and family, rest assured, these are HARD MEN. Sleeping in late, tea delivered to their tents, 3 separate mattresses under their sleeping bags- it’s hard living at ABC, we promise.

"There is certainly a lot of lounging, reading and listening to music in ALL camps today. We were able to get a good look at the route that the first team here has put in up to CII. Their early start means lots of trailbreaking and due to that the trail is clearly visible in the deep snow from ABC. They’ve just returned from CII and sounds like the route is in good shape this season.

"There will be more of the same tomorrow here for our team. We will take a longer hike to help facilitate our acclimatization. Later today Lakpa, Tsering and I will decide on a good day for our puja and then plan the next days accordingly. So for us it’s off to wait for another excellent meal and get in some reading. Don’t worry, it’ll get hard soon enough!”

Jean Pavillard is celebrating climbing-mate Tom’s birthday in Tingri, with Cho Oyu in full sight: “Happy birthday Tom!!! There is no better way to celebrate. High up in the Himalaya, with splendid view of Everest Cho Oyu. Today we all hike near Tingri and soak the views.”

Reus 8000 Dani had a hell of a first flight. The day they flied out, via Doha (Qatar, UAE), there was an uprise in Kathmandu following the murder of 12 nepali civilians in Irak. During the demonstration, Qatar Airlines headquarters were set on fire, and the airlines cancelled all flights to Nepal. The Catalans had to change their plans and fly from Doha to Thailand, to get a plane from Bangkok to Kathmandu. Once there, they found Kathmandu ‘occupied’ by army patrols who even escorted them to the hotel. Although they are not allowed to leave the premises, they still plan to fly out tomorrow, Saturday, from KTM to Lhasa, in Tibet.

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Image of Cho Oyu BC tents, courtesy of Alpine Ascents.

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