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End of season...
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Jun 4, 2005 00: 29 EST
As the final summiteers are taking their last steps to the summit, Everest is closing down for the season. On the south side, the icefall cutoff time is June 5, and BaseCampMD is taking down the clinic tent:

"With all the excitement of the chopper crash yesterday, we would almost forget that this season is coming to an end. Yesterday we dismantled the clinic, packed all our gear and only kept some emergency supplies handy."

Big ‘end-of-season’ party

"Mostly to treat potential cases of acute alcohol excess, because last night there was a big ‘end-of-season’ party in the Mountain Madness camp. Great fun, sherpa dancing,… Today we waited until the last teams were safely down and then started our walk back down. Tonight we are staying in Pheriche, the lodge is full of climbers. Party guaranteed…."

Last weather forecast

Today is also the end of AdventureWeather's Everest service: WNI has sent the last forecast, and SMHI will turn to K2 and the Karakorums in the next week.

The final summits - and defeats

On last nights summit push, Ranulph Fiennes had to abort only one hour into the push, for health reasons. The polar explorer who suffered a heart attack two years back and lost his wife to cancer last year is now heading back down to BC; a new life and a new wife! (The couple were wed just before the Everest climb).

Ran will also meet up with Sibu, who reportedly was lost for a while after his summit yesterday, but eventually recovered at 8000 meters; disoriented, but fine. Another climber was forced to give up his goal last night: Bruno Brunod abandoned his no 02 speed attempt at about 8200 m after 16 hours of climbing.

Highest live image over Contact 3.0

But there were summits reported as well, among them Jake Meyer, Di and Mingma Sherpa. News are still to arrive of the rest of the Himex-, Jagged Globe, DCXP and Italian teams. Jean Pavillard shot over a last image just before the summit push, from camp 4, 8300m, becoming the highest live image sent through Contact software.

The stories will continue

So, now what? There will be parties in Kathmandu, expedition debriefs, and follow up reports. Check in for interviews, videos and expect some really cool stuff to happen at ExplorersWeb.

And soon enough, the fall season will begin, with new teams arriving Himalaya and Everest. As long as there are Himalayan peaks, and willing climbers, the stories will continue. So while we say good bye to Everest, it's hello Pakistan, and congratulations to all the Everest summiteers of 2005 - who made it in a season that was anything but easy. Never give up!

Image courtesy of BaseCampMD.
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