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Emmys for Everest! "Farther Than the Eye Can See" gets two nominations
13:26 p.m. EST Mar 4, 2004
The announcements just came out today and The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has nominated “Farther Than the Eye Can See” for two Emmy awards, one for Outstanding Camerawork and a second for Outstanding Sports Documentary!

The film follows the epic ascent of Everest by the first blind man, Erik Weihenmayer. It was also the first time a High Definition camera was taken to the summit of Mount Everest by a now three-time summiter and filmmaker, Michael Brown.

Currently the feature is being shown at film festivals around the world and has been winning awards. By following the links to the left you can view clips from the movie, find out when it’s coming to your area, and purchase the DVD.

Farther Than the Eye Can See is presented by Outside Television in association with the Outdoor Life Network and Aperture Films, Ltd. directed by Michael Brown, written by Michael Brown and Joshua Colover, produced by Joshua Colover and Chris Blum, Co-Produced by Erik Weihenmayer and Ed Weihenmayer, Associate producer Kim Morris with Les Guthman, executive producer. Original music by Kip Keupper of Coupe Studios.

Image courtesy of Serac Adventure Films.

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