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Eat your heart out Q
17:07 p.m. EDT Apr 27, 2003
Our FedEx-pedition courier is nearing Everest base camp. She made the journey to Lukla jamming out to some James Bond music. After a day or two of rest, our Bond girl will pull out her jet pack and it's just a hop, skip, and a jump away from BC - not exactly, but she'll be there soon enough.

Monday, April 21, 2003 - Loboche 4930 meters.
"This day was hard, because of my thick head. Yesterday, when arrived in Thukla, I started getting a slight headache, so I drank lots of lemon tea and ate a lot of garlic soup, which later on at night resulted in a very gasfilled stomach. (I had gas all night, so lightning a match was out of the question.)
The walk is only 3 hours to Loboche, from Thukla, but it was hard. I had no energy, and my head was pounding all the way up. When walking today I listened to music from the Bond-movies which gave me a little energy, and of course started up my lively imagination.
Breathing is more difficult now. Just turning over to the other side in your sleepingbag results in difficulties breathing. You have to move, and do stuff, much slower now. It's not a nice feeling when having difficulties breathing. I've always took breathing for granted, but after today I respect it more! And that's why I'm here, on this adventure: to not take anything for granted. I tell you; I've already got a new perspective on everyday things! I've not took a warm shower since in Namchi Bazaar, and that shower wasn't even warm, only tap warm.
I will stay in Loboche for 2 days now, or until my headache disappeares.
Weather: snowing and just around zero degrees. I miss Kathmandu- the summer warmth!
Hopefully I can sleep tonight even though I have headache and feeling frozen."

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