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Dhaulagiri summits
08:06 a.m. EDT May 29, 2003
Nepal Ministry of Tourism confirms two more teams summiting Dhaulagiri on May 20, Amical Alpin Daulagiri I Expedition 2003 and Saxony Dhaulagiri I Expedition 2003.

Name of Summiteers

Amical Alpin
1. Jochen Kurt Haase (35 Yrs), Mountain Guide, Essbaumr, Bergen, Germany.
2. Dieter Albin Porsche (48 Yrs), Research & development engineer, Feldwiesenstr, Herrenberg, Germany.
3. Christoph V. Preysing (47 Yrs), Carpenter, Kreath, Pforn, Germany.
4. Jean Christophe Lafaille (38 Yrs), Guide, Chamonix, France.
5. Pemba Rinjee Sherpa (28 Yrs), HAS, Bhusinga-7, Okhaldhunga, Nepal.

1. Olaf Zill (37 Yrs), Physiotherapist, Basel, Rastatterstr, Germany.

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