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Daily wrap-up: Czech Shisha Summit, Norway in Cho Oyu C3
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Oct 10, 2004 19: 00 EST
The entire Czech team summited Shisha Pangma yesterday, through he British route in alpine style. “Probably the worst climb we have ever done,” they said on descent. Other teams are currently attempting the same route. On Cho Oyu, Norwegian Mikjel is on his way to the - by now - deserted summit. Some time Monday, the jet will hit the mountain - the Monsoon has now definitely retired, and very high winds are on their way.

Weather Alert:

Jet: A westerly jet is stretching from Pakistan to Tibet and is slowly moving southwards. Will reach ME-area during Monday-Tuesday.

Winds: At summit level, West-southwest 15-20 m/s, from Monday-Tuesday southwest 25-35 m/s, at times 40 m/s. At 7500 m: West 10-15 m/s, from Monday-Tuesday southwest 15-25 m/s.

Weather: At first a ridge giving dry weather, but from Monday-Tuesday passing trough from a deep low over northern Pakistan gives a lot of showers or at Tuesday an area with precipitation. Monsoon: No monsoon in the ME area.

Cho Oyu:

Norwegians on Cho Oyu: "Mikjel on his way to the summit! 1.30 PM Saturday he was close to C3 and sounded good. He said he'd try for it some time tonight."
The team has followed his climb visually from BC and hope to be able to keep watching him in binoculars through the push. The team said that the weather was very good yesterday, and their barometer shows good weather through today.

Meanwhile, Harald, the expedition leader, is in Kathmandu, treated for a blood clot.

Shisha Pangma:

Czechs summit Shisha in alpine style! Zdenek Hruby, Radek Jaros, Martin Minarik, and Petr Masek summited Shisha Pangma last night (Oct 9), at 11:30AM local time in Tibet. All four members of the Czech High Point expedition summited along the British Route climbing in alpine style (see separate story).

The guys have summited 16 8000ers between them, including Kangchenjunga in horrible weather, but labeled this Shisha summit probably their worst climb ever. They said that the ascent was exceptionally difficult.

Jagged Globe | Norwegians to Cho Oyu | Bergans Big Mountain Ski Expedition | Catalan Viladecams team to Shisha Pangma

Image of winds over Shisha by Rodrigo Ponce, courtesy of Jagged Globe.

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