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Climber with broken leg evacuated from Everest base camp
16:56 p.m. EDT May 25, 2003
The UK Royal Navy/Marines, who were updating hourly at times during the rescue of Conan Harrod (Adventure Peaks exp) report that he has arrived down in base camp and a jeep should be transporting him to Kathmandu right now.

In the last 17 hours 8 yak herders carried Conan down in 5-minute shifts. Conan arrived at BC, tired and dehydrated, though he was very relieved to get out of the stretcher and into a chair.

Originally they had planned to use a helicopter to evacuate him once in base camp, however, poor weather prevented it from coming in. The UK team had even put out a special helicopter marker panel for the chopper, but it was stolen while the base camp manger snuck away for a quick bite of food.

On May 21st, an American climber slipped and fell on a fixed rope, pulling off a sherpa who finally pulled of Conan, breaking his leg at 8500 m. There was a combined effort from several teams to carry Conan down the past several days.

Image of Conan in stretcher courtesy of UK Royal Marines/Navy

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