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Climbers library, Chessler books
18:33 p.m. EDT May 27, 2003
E-mail to the ExplorersWeb community from Chessler books:

Dear friends,

This is an Internet Preview of our new Catalog 119, to be mailed next week. This catalog is 24 pages, too long for one E-mail, so we will send it in four parts this week. This is part 1.

A Mount Everest catalog! How audacious! This is the Year of Everest, with many new books, videos and DVD's, TV specials, celebrations, treks and climbs commemorating the 50th anniversary of Hillary and Tenzing's ascent of Everest, plus the 40th anniversary of the first American ascent. So now is the right time to do a catalog celebrating Mount Everest. We hope you enjoy it. Included here are many rare and collectible items, including some oxygen bottles that have been to the summit!

OFFICIAL HISTORY. 2003, UK edition. 256 pp, 200+ photos, maps. The official 50th anniversary book of Everest, written by a member of the first ascent team. Band shows that a lively, well researched and profusely illustrated book can add a lot to what we know. With unique access to the living members and access to the archives of the RGS, Alpine Club, Everest Foundation plus private collections, this is an essential book to read and savor for Everest enthusiasts. Has previously unpublished photos (Mallory swimming nude, Evans and Bourdillon setting out for the top). SIGNED by Ed Hillary. $125 Book # BK1224 ALSO AVAILABLE, UK edition, Not Signed. $60 Book # BK1896, ALSO AVAILABLE, Am edition, Not Signed. $40 Book # BK1925

NEW! Venables, Stephen. EVEREST: SUMMIT OF ACHIEVEMENT. 2003, UK 1st edition. 252 pp, 400 color & b/w photos. This is the "Big Book" to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Tenzing and Hillary's climb. Venables tells the great Everest stories, made better with photos from the vast archives of the Royal Geographical Society who sponsored many UK Everest expeditions. Includes contributions by Ed Hillary, the Dalai Lama, Ed Douglas, John Keay, Tashi Tenzing, Mike Westmacott, etc. Extra Large Hardcover, DJ, New. SIGNED by Ed Hillary. $125 Book # BK1894A. ALSO AVAILABLE, Am ed, Not Signed. $50 Book # BK1894B

Ahluwalia, Maj. H.P.S. FACES OF EVEREST. New Delhi, 1978, 1st edition. 238 pp, many color & b/w photos. Accounts of most major Everest expeditions, 1921-1978, many not written about elsewhere. Also has a detailed analysis of Everest weather, considered essential to summit success. Large-Format, DJ, Fine. $75 Book # OP183

Allison, Stacy. BEYOND THE LIMITS: A WOMAN'S TRIUMPH ON EVEREST. 1993. 256 pp, photos. The first American woman to climb Everest tells of her adventure. DJ, New. SIGNED by Stacy Allison and Geoff Tabin with whom Stacy summited. $50 Book # BK21A. ALSO AVAILABLE, Signed by Stacy Alison, $35 Book # BK21B

Alpine Club. ALPINE JOURNAL 1993: EVEREST 40TH ANNIVERSARY. This UK AJ issue was devoted to the 40th anniversary of the Everest 1st ascent, with 15 articles: Hunt, Hillary, Lowe, Evans, Ward, Band, etc. 363 pp, 77 photos, DJ, New. $35 Book # JR212

Ament, Pat. 10 KEYS TO CLIMB EVEREST. 1999. 98 pp, drawings. The prolific author Pat Ament turns his attention to Everest, with well researched observations on this most alluring of mountaineering goals. Large format paperback. SIGNED by Pat Ament. $15 Book # BK30. ALSO AVAILABLE, Not Signed. $8 Book # BK29

Ament, Pat. CLIMBING EVEREST: MOUNTAINEERING & THE SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE. 2000. 176 pp, 30 ills. Ament gives a well researched scrutiny to the most alluring of mountaineering goals. DJ, New. SIGNED by Pat Ament! $25 Book # BK32

Anderson, J.R.L. HIGH MOUNTAINS AND COLD SEAS: A BIOGRAPHY OF H.W. TILMAN. 1982, 1st Am edition. 366 pp, 28 plates. Well done biography of the acerbic British mountaineer, explorer and sailor H.W. Tilman. DJ, Fine. $50 Book # OP161

Anderson, Mark. ON THE BIG HILL: A NON-CLIMBER'S EVEREST. London, 1988, 1st edition. 174 pp, 62 color photos. A large British military personnel attempt in 1988, from the Tibetan side of the West Ridge. Nobody summited, but 14 climbers went above 8000 meters. DJ, Fine. $40 Book # OP278A. ALSO AVAILABLE, appears Fine in DJ but the book is damp stained. $20 Book # OP278B

Anderson, Robert Mads. SUMMITS: CLIMBING THE SEVEN SUMMITS SOLO. 1995. 160 pp, 100s of color photos. Anderson attempted the Seven Summits solo, with several Everest attempts (including the Kangshung Face with Ed Webster and Steve Venables). Large-format (13" x14"), DJ. SIGNED by Robert Anderson. $65 Book # OP279

Anderson, Robert Mads. TO EVEREST VIA ANTARCTICA. UK, 1995, 1st UK edition. 219 pp, color photos. Anderson's 7 Summits solo feat. For those who follow the quest for the 7 Summits. DJ, New. SIGNED by Ed Webster. $30 Book # BK40. ALSO AVAILABLE, Unsigned, DJ, New. $15 Book # BK41

pp, photos. At last, a book dedicated to the climbing history of the Sherpas on Everest. Gives a biography, photo, list of climbs of each Sherpa, plus a list of all Everest climbers by nationality complete through 2002. New. SIGNED by Ang Phurba Sherpa, Ang Kami Sherpa, and Apa Sherpa, who climbed Everest 12 times! $50. Book # BK1838. ALSO AVAILABLE, Not Signed. $40 Book #BK1805

Anker, Conrad & David Roberts. THE LOST EXPLORER: FINDING MALLORY ON MOUNT EVEREST. 1999. 192 pp, 21 photos. Anker found Mallory's body, then climbed the difficult "second step", the hardest pitch on the North Ridge route. DJ, New. SIGNED by David Roberts and Conrad Anker who found Mallory. $50 Book # BK46. ALSO AVAILABLE, Not Signed, $15 Book # BK45

Ardito, Stefano. HISTORY OF THE GREAT MOUNTAINEERING ADVENTURES. 2000. 304 pp, 490 color, 200 b/w photos, maps, ills. The great climbs of history, mostly Himalayan, are described and illustrated: Everest, K2, other 8000 meter peaks, Ruwenzori, Matterhorn. Also the great climbers: Messner, Bonatti, Mummery, Duke of the Abruzzi. A fabulous celebration of the mountains. Large format, DJ, New. LIST $48 SALE: $25 Book # BK51

Austen, Peter. EVEREST CANADA: THE CLIMB FOR HOPE. 1992. 135 pp, 20
photos. The 1991 Canadian Everest North Side attempt included Pat Morrow, and reached 26,000'. Paperback. WAS $14.95 SALE: $5 Book # BK70

AND EMPIRE. 2003. 184 pp, photos. A new analysis of seven mountaineering classics, including TIGER OF THE SNOWS, ASCENT OF EVEREST AND THE CONQUEST OF MOUNT MCKINLEY. The author articulates the ways mountaineering and its literature have played in the formation and maintenance of national identity, imperial ideology and even dominant notions of masculinity. DJ, New. $29.95 Book #BK1897

Bernbaum, Edwin. SACRED MOUNTAINS OF THE WORLD. 1990. 291 pp, 120
color photos. Descriptions of the worlds holiest peaks: Everest, Fuji, Olympus, Mont Blanc, Sinai, Zion, Kilimanjaro, Denali, Rainier, Ayres Rock, Kilauea, many more. Includes mountaineering. Large-format, DJ, Fine. $45 Book # BK134A. ALSO AVAILABLE, Large-format paperback, SIGNED and Inscribed by Edwin Bernbaum. Fine $40 Book # BK134B. ALSO AVAILABLE, Paperback, Fine. $25 Book # BK134C

Blessed, Brian. TO THE TOP OF THE WORLD. 1995, 1st edition. 160 pp, color and b/w photos. The actor and Everest enthusiast Brian Blessed tells the history of Everest, enlivened with numerous photos from recent and historical expeditions. Large-format, DJ, Fine. $50 Book # OP280

Boardman, Peter and Joe Tasker. THE BOARDMAN-TASKER OMNIBUS. 1995.
896 pp, 24 photos. The complete text of Boardman and Tasker's four books: Savage Arena, Everest the Cruel Way, The Shining Mountain and Sacred Summits. Includes Everest, Carstenz, Changabang, Kanchenjunga. DJ, New. $34.95 Book # BK153

Bonington, Chris and Charles Clarke. EVEREST THE UNCLIMBED RIDGE. 2002 [1983]. 210 pp, photos. The now classic story of Peter Boardman and Joe Tasker's attempt of Everest's Northeast Ridge, and their tragic death. Paperback. $14.95 Book # BK1786. ALSO AVAILABLE, 1st UK edition, SIGNED by Chris Bonington! $75 Book # OP16 ALSO AVAILABLE, 1st Am edition, SIGNED by Chris Bonington! $50 Book # OP135

NEW! Bonington, Chris. CHRIS BONINGTON'S EVEREST. London, 2002. 256
pp, many color photos. Perhaps no climber has been as associated with Everest as Bonington, whose expeditions pioneered severe face and ridge climbs on Everest and Annapurna. This new book explores Everest's rich history, and tells the story of Chris' expeditions and personal ascent. DJ, New. SIGNED by Chris Bonington. $85 Book # BK1841A. ALSO AVAILABLE, UK edition. $40 Book # BK1841B. ALSO AVAILABLE, Am edition. $29.95 Book # BK1880

Bonington, Chris. CHRIS BONINGTON, MOUNTAINEER. London, 1989, 1st UK edition. 192 pp, color photos. Complete description of a lifetime's climbs around the world. Includes Annapurna II, Nuptse, Central Tower of Paine, Annapurna, K2, Everest, Changabang, Ogre, Kongur, Menlungste, Sangay, much more. Large-format, DJ, Fine. SIGNED by Chris Bonington and Doug Scott. $175 Book # OP217A. ALSO AVAILABLE: CHRIS BONINGTON, MOUNTAINEER 1st American edition, SIGNED by Chris Bonington and Doug Scott. $125 Book #OP217B

Bonington, Chris. EVEREST THE HARD WAY. London, 1976, 2nd UK edition. 239 pp, 80 color ill. This was the first ascent of Everest by a Briton, after many expeditions dating back to Mallory's day. Success on SW Face of Everest by Dougal Haston and Doug Scott; Mick Burke died. DJ, Fine. SIGNED by Chris Bonington and Doug Scott. $200 Book # OP216A. ALSO AVAILABLE: EVEREST THE HARD WAY, 1st Am edition, SIGNED by Doug Scott $50 Book # OP216B

NEW! Bonington, Chris. EVEREST EXPEDITIONS. 2003. 496 pp, color photos. Bonington has been on 19 Himalayan expeditions, many to Everest. This is a newly edited collection of his greatest Everest books, EVEREST THE HARD WAY [1976], EVEREST SOUTH WEST FACE [1973] AND EVEREST THE UNCLIMBED RIDGE [1983]. DJ, New. $50 Book # BK1898

Bonington, Chris. THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE [EVEREST SOUTHWEST FACE]. NY, 1973, 1st edition. 352 pp, 56 plates. Story of the Everest SW Face attempt by Scott, Haston & MacInnes in 1972. Despite bad weather, 8300 meters was reached. DJ, Fine. SIGNED by Chris Bonington and Doug Scott. $95 Book # OP214. ALSO AVAILABLE: EVEREST SOUTHWEST FACE, 1st UK ed, DJ, Fine. This is probably the scarcest Bonington book. SIGNED by Chris Bonington and Doug Scott. $150 Book # OP215

Bonington, Chris. THE NEXT HORIZON: AUTOBIOGRAPHY II. London, 1973, 1st UK edition. 304 pp, 56 photos. The second volume of Chris' autobiography. Includes Central Tower of Paine, direct Eiger Nordwand in winter and the Annapurna South Face expedition. DJ, Fine. SIGNED by Chris Bonington. $100 book # OP283

Bonington, Chris. THE EVEREST YEARS: A CLIMBER'S LIFE. New York,
1987, 1st Am edition. 256 pp, color ills. The Chris Bonington story; narratives of his many Everest and K2 expeditions. DJ, Fine. SIGNED by Chris Bonington. $65 Book # OP187A. ALSO AVAILABLE, SIGNED by Chris Bonington and Doug Scott. $125 Book # OP287B. ALSO AVAILABLE, SIGNED by Chris Bonington. $135 Book # OP286

Booth, Pat. EDMUND HILLARY: THE LIFE OF A LEGEND. 1993. 208 pp, many photos. A biography of Edmund Hillary, whose work to build schools and hospitals to benefit the Nepalese supersedes his climbing in significance. Includes many photos not published before. DJ, Near Fine. SIGNED by Ed Hillary. $225 Book # OP137. ALSO AVAILABLE, Paperback, SIGNED by Ed Hillary. $65 Book #BK182

Boukreev, Anatoli and G. Weston Dewalt. THE CLIMB. 1997. 256 pp, color photos. Boukreev was a guide on Everest in May 1996, during the events described in Into Thin Air. He saved three lives in that terrible storm, but endured criticism, and died in 1997 on Annapurna. INSCRIBED "Enjoy The Mountains" AND SIGNED by Anatoli Boukreev and G. Weston Dewalt. DJ, New. $700 Book # OP284. ALSO AVAILABLE, DJ, New, $25. Book # BK187

Boukreev, Anatoli. ABOVE THE CLOUDS. 2001. 240 pp, color photos. Remembered for his role on Everest in May 1996, Boukreev left diaries of his many fast and daring climbs on McKinley, K2, Makalu, Manaslu, and Everest. This will appeal to all those who admired the great climber. DJ, New. $27.95 Book # BK184

Bowman, W.E. THE ASCENT OF RUM DOODLE. 171 pp, ills. One of the funniest and most popular books in the literature of mountaineering; a parody of Everest expedition narratives. Paperback. $14.95 Book # BK190

Breashears, David and Audrey Salkeld. LAST CLIMB: THE LEGENDARY EVEREST EXPEDITIONS OF GEORGE MALLORY. NY, 1999, 1st ed. 240 pp, color photos. Breashears and Salkeld joined forces to write one of the best researched and illustrated Mallory biographies. Large hardcover. SIGNED by David Breashears, Audrey Salkeld, Conrad Anker and Jake Norton! $175 Book # BK199. ALSO AVAILABLE, SIGNED by Audrey Salkeld who wrote the book, $45 Book # BK635. ALSO AVAILABLE, Not Signed. $25 Book # BK198

AND UNFORGIVING PLACES. 1999. 304 pp, photos. Breashears directed the Imax Everest film during the storm in 1996, chronicled in Into Thin Air. Here is the entire story of his start as a rock climbing phenom, filmmaker on Cliffhanger, his 11 Everest expeditions and 4 summit days. DJ, New. SIGNED by David Breashears, Ed Viesturs, Pete Athans, Jamling Tenzing, Goran Kropp, Jon Krakauer, and Jeff Long who wrote the book. $350 Book # BK634. ALSO AVAILABLE, SIGNED by Jeff Long. $35 Book # BK197

Bruce, C.G. THE ASSAULT ON MOUNT EVEREST 1922. London, 1923, 1st edition. 339 pp, 33 plates, 2 maps. The second Mt. Everest expedition reached an altitude of 8225 meters without oxygen and 8320 meters with (Finch). 7 Sherpas were lost in an avalanche. Very Good. SIGNED by Ed Hillary. $500 Book # OP288A. ALSO AVAILABLE, 2nd UK printing, Very Good. SIGNED by Ed Hillary. $400 Book # OP289. ALSO AVAILABLE, Paperback, New. $20 Book # BK1885

Burgess, Adrian and Alan. THE BURGESS BOOK OF LIES. 1994. 463 pp, color photos. The Burgess twins have led controversial climbing careers. They describe epics on Logan, Everest, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna IV, Cho Oyu, K2. Mostly the truth, but who knows? Paperback. $24.95 Book # BK216

Calvert, Harry. SMYTHE'S MOUNTAINS: THE CLIMBS OF F.S. SMYTHE. London, 1985. 223 pp, photos. The only biography of Frank Smythe, who nearly climbed Everest in 1933 and wrote CAMP SIX, one of the great Everest books. DJ, Fine. $35 Book # OP292

Burgess, Al and Jim Palmer. EVEREST CANADA: THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE. Toronto, 1983, 1st edition. 214 pp, color illustrations. Story of the first Canadian ascent of Everest. DJ, Fine. SIGNED by Barry Blanchard, one of Canada's greatest mountaineers. $75 Book #OP290. ALSO AVAILABLE, EVEREST THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE, 1st Am or UK edition, also SIGNED by Barry Blanchard, one of Canada's greatest mountaineers. DJ, Fine. $50 Book # OP291

Clydesdale, Marquess of Douglas and. THE PILOT'S BOOK OF EVEREST. 1936, 1st edition. 270 pp, 19 photos and maps. Story of the flight over Everest. Faded cover, Very Good. $35 Book # OP293 Cobb, Sue. THE EDGE OF EVEREST: A WOMAN CHALLENGES THE MOUNTAIN. 1989. 214 pp, photos. The story of the 1988 Cowboys on Everest expedition, that was turned back by the onset of winter. DJ, Fine. $35 Book # OP294

Coburn, Broughton. EVEREST: MOUNTAIN WITHOUT MERCY. 1997. 256 pp, color photos. While climbing Everest during the May 1996 events, an IMAX film crew produced this terrific book. Large hardcover. SIGNED by Broughton Coburn and Jamling Tenzing. $75 Book # BK281. ALSO AVAILABLE, LIMITED EDITION, leather like binding, SIGNED by Broughton Coburn: $75 Book #BK282: ALSO AVAILABLE, SIGNED by Broughton Coburn, Pete Athans, Jamling Tenzing, Jon Krakauer, Goran Kropp & Ed Viesturs! $250 Book #BK283:

Coffey, Maria. FRAGILE EDGE. 1989. 183 pp, photos. Joe Tasker's girlfriend writes of the world-class climber who disappeared with Peter Boardman on Everest in May 1982. Her search for acceptance of his death led her to a journey to the Himalayas, retracing the last steps of her lost love. DJ, New. SIGNED by Maria Coffey. $45 Book #BK286

NEW! Connor, Jeff. DOUGAL HASTON: THE PHILOSOPHY OF RISK. 2002. 211 pp, 24 pp photos. Haston was a brilliant climber, noted for his Eiger Direct climb with Harlin and the first Briton to climb Everest, and a difficult personality. A new biography of the fascinating climber. Paperback. $15 Book #BK1773

Culver, Dan. MY LITTLE EVEREST: DEALING WITH FEAR. 2000. 48 pp, color photos. The author climbed both Everest and K2, and wrote this small book to inspire his 12 year old son and other children. Hardcover. $11.95 Book # BK329

Curran, Jim. HIGH ACHIEVER: THE LIFE AND CLIMBS OF CHRIS BONINGTON. 1999. 264 pp, photos. A biography of Britain's best-known and most successful Himalayan expedition climber, Chris Bonington. From his early hard Alpine routes to becoming Mr. Everest, Bonington has become a household name among climbers. DJ, New. WAS $25 SALE: $15 Book # BK331

Denman, Earl. ALONE TO EVEREST. New York, 1954, 1st edition. 255pp, illustrations. Account of a 1947 solo attempt on Everest, that was noteworthy for including Tenzing, plus African climbs. DJ, Near Fine. $35 Book # OP249A. ALSO AVAILABLE, 1st Am or 1st UK edition, No DJ, Very Good. $20 Book #OP249B

Dickinson, Leo. BALLOONING OVER EVEREST. London, 1993, 1st edition. 160 pp, 83 color photos, map. Dickinson made the first successful balloon flight over Everest, from Gokyo to a hard landing in eastern Tibet. DJ, Fine. $45 Book #OP281

Dickinson, Leo. FILMING THE IMPOSSIBLE. London, 1982, 1st edition. 256 pp, 180 photos. Climbing and filming on the Eiger, Cerro Torre, Dhaulagiri and Everest with Messner and Habeler. DJ, Fine. SIGNED by Audrey Salkeld, who ghost wrote the book for Leo! $45 Book #OP282A. ALSO AVAILABLE, 1st UK edition, SIGNED by Leo Dickinson, Mandy Dickinson and Audrey Salkeld! $100 Book # OP282B

Dickinson, Matt. EVEREST: TRIUMPH AND TRAGEDY ON THE WORLD'S HIGHEST PEAK. 2002. 32 pp text, maps, color photos. An interactive book, with actual removable items that help you recreate a summit climb. Includes a climbing application, 1921 map, prayer flag, Maurice Wilson's diary, plus a history and description of the world's highest peak. Large hardcover. $29.95 Book #BK1844

Dickinson, Matt. THE DEATH ZONE: CLIMBING EVEREST THROUGH THE KILLER STORM. London, 1997, 1st edition. 211 pp, color photos, maps. Dickinson and Alan Hinkes summited Everest in May 1996, at the same time the events in Into Thin Air were happening. They witnessed climbers leaving desperate parties to die, and this book adds more insight into the ethical questions now raging through climbing. DJ, Fine. $45 Book # BK377. ALSO AVAILABLE, Am edition titled THE OTHER SIDE OF EVEREST. DJ, New. $23 Book # BK378 ALSO AVAILABLE, Paperback. $12 Book # BK376

Diemberger, Kurt. SPIRITS OF THE AIR. 1994, 1st Am edition. 304 pp, photos. A complete history of all of Kurt's expeditions, including the story of his ascents of six 8000 meter peaks, including Everest and K2. DJ, New. SIGNED by Kurt Diemberger. $45 Book # BK387

Diemberger, Kurt. THE KURT DIEMBERGER OMNIBUS. 1999. 864 pp, color & b/w photos, maps. The complete text of Kurt's three books, SUMMITS AND SECRETS, THE ENDLESS KNOT AND SPIRITS OF THE AIR. Thick hardcover. SIGNED by Kurt Diemberger. $50 Book # BK385

Diemberger, Kurt. THE ENDLESS KNOT: K2: MOUNTAIN OF DREAMS AND DESTINY. 1991. 308 pp, color & b/w photos, maps. Diemberger has climbed Everest, K2, Broad Peak, Dhaulagiri, Makalu and Gasherbrum II. Also includes his story of the tragic 1986 K2 climb, when Julie Tullis & 12 others died, and his previous K2 attempts. SIGNED by Kurt Diemberger! DJ, New. $45 Book # OP34

Dingle, Graeme and Mike Perry. CHOMOLUNGMA: NEW ZEALANDERS ON THE NORTH FACE OF EVEREST. NZ, 1986, 1st edition. 172 pp, color photos. Account of a major North side NZ-Australian Everest expedition in 1985 that attempted the Great Couloir but was rebuffed by the weather. DJ, Fine. SIGNED by Ed Hillary. $75 Book # OP295A. ALSO AVAILABLE, DJ, Fine. $35 Book #OP295B

Dittert, Rene, etc. FORERUNNERS TO EVEREST: THE STORY OF THE TWO SWISS EXPEDITIONS OF 1952. New York, 1954, 1st edition. 256 pp, 24 ill. This expedition nearly reached the top a year before Hillary. Tenzing and Lambert were the summit team that reached the South summit. DJ, Fine. $35 Book #OP37

Douglas, Ed and David Rose. REGIONS OF THE HEART: THE TRIUMPH AND TRAGEDY OF ALISON HARGREAVES. London, 1999, 1st UK edition. 290 pp, photos. Alison Hargreaves, a mother of two small children, died after climbing Everest and K2. She was roundly criticized, while men like Alex Lowe carry a lighter moral burden. This sympathetic biography examines her life, and motives for climbing. DJ, Fine. SIGNED by Ed Douglas. $65 Book # BK395A. ALSO AVAILABLE, 1st Am edition, DJ, Fine. SIGNED by Ed Douglas. $40 Book #BK395B

Douglas, Ed. CHOMOLUNGMA SINGS THE BLUES: TRAVELS ROUND EVEREST. 1998. 226 pp, photos, maps. Douglas spent 1995 and 1996 near Everest, talking to villagers and climbers, getting a feel for the effects westerners are having on this fragile but magnetic region. DJ, New. SIGNED by Ed Douglas. $35 Book # BK393A. ALSO AVAILABLE, Not Signed. $20 Book #BK393B

NEW! Douglas, Ed. TENZING HERO OF EVEREST: A BIOGRAPHY OF TENZING NORGAY. 2003. 299 pp, color photos. Many regard Tenzing and Hillary's Everest climb as the most important mountain climb of all time. Tenzing's presence on the Everest 1953 expedition made the ascent possible, not just for his role as climber, but as sirdar. Without Tenzing, the Swiss would have been first in 1956! DJ, New. $25 Book # BK1876

Eggler, Albert. GIPFEL UBER DEN WOLKEN: LHOTSE UND EVEREST. Bern, 1956, 1st edition. 287 pp, 71 photos, 3 maps. In German; larger and nicer than the Am edition. True first edition of the EVEREST LHOTSE ADVENTURE. DJ, Fine. $90 Book # OP296

Eggler, Albert. THE EVEREST-LHOTSE ADVENTURE. NY, 1957, 1st edition. 222 pp, ills. The first ascent of Lhotse, and the second ascent of Everest, by a Swiss expedition in 1956. If it had not been for Tenzing's efforts on Everest in 1953, it is probable that this would have been the first ascent of Everest. DJ, Fine. $45 Book #OP297A. ALSO AVAILABLE, No DJ, Near Fine $30 Book #OP297B

Evans, Charles. EYE ON EVEREST: A SKETCH book FROM THE GREAT EVEREST EXPEDITION. London, 1955, 1st edition. 123 pp, ills. "Delightful book for children". DJ, Fine. SIGNED by Ed Hillary. $150 Book # OP298A. ALSO AVAILABLE, No DJ, Good, SIGNED by Ed Hillary. $50 Book #OP298B

EVEREST. A PHOTOGRAPHIC RECORD OF THE MOUNT JOLMO LUNGMA SCIENTIFIC EXPEDITION (1966-1968). Peking, 1974. 113 pp, many color illustrations. Chinese research on the north side of Everest. Large-format hardcover, covers warped. Chipped DJ, cover warped, Very Good. $40 Book #OP299A. ALSO AVAILABLE, Paperback, Near Fine. $30 Book # OP299B

EVEREST. QOMOLANGMA: ANOTHER ASCENT OF THE WORLD'S HIGHEST PEAK. Peking, 1975. 120 pp, many color illustrations. English text. Account of the Chinese 1975 ascent of Everest from the north. It was partly from the photographs in this book that Jochen Hemmleb was able to figure out where George Mallory's body was laying on Everest. Tall softcover. Near Fine. $35 Book # OP300

EVEREST: STRATIGRAPHY OF THE MOUNT QOMOLANGMA REGION. The Xizang Scientific Expedition, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Science Press, Beijing, China. 1987. 225 pp, maps, figures, diagrams. In English. A geologic examination of Everest from the North. The expeditions took place from 1952-1968. Hardcover, Very Good. $175 Book #OP301

Falvey, Pat. REACH FOR THE SKY. 1998, 1st edition. 200+ pp, photos. The inspirational story of Pat Falvey, the first Irishman to climb the seven summits. DJ, New. $38 Book # BK444

Fantin, Mario. SHERPA HIMALAYA NEPAL. Bologna, 1971, 39 pp text (In Italian), 118 color illustrations. Large-format overview of Sherpa culture by a well known Italian climber, with emphasis on the Everest region. This book is primarily photographic so the language may not be a problem. Slipcase, DJ, Fine. $75 Book # OP302

Fanshawe, Andy and Stephen Venables. HIMALAYA ALPINE STYLE. 1999. 192 pp, 200 color photos, 36 maps. Forty Alpine-style Himalayan climbs are described, mostly of 7000-8000 meter peaks. Includes the Ogre, K2, Nanga Parbat, Nanda Devi, Annapurna, Everest, Kangchenjunga. Large-format, DJ, Fine. SIGNED by Doug Scott, Mark Wilford, Greg Child, John Middendorf, Peter Habeler, Tomaz Humar, Jeff Lowe, Ed Webster, Peter Hillary, Conrad Anker, Kurt Diemberger. $400 Book # BK1614. ALSO AVAILABLE, Not Signed. $45 Book # BK1608

Faux, Ronald. EVEREST: GODDESS OF THE WIND. Edinburgh, 1978, 1st edition. 115 pp, many photos, maps. Everest photo history, with special chapters on Bonington's SW Face climb, Yeti, etc. Large-format, DJ, Fine. $30 Book #OP303A. ALSO AVAILABLE, Paperback, VG+. $20 Book # OP303B

Faux, Ronald. HIGH AMBITION: A BIOGRAPHY OF REINHOLD MESSNER. London, 1982, 3rd impression. 180 pp, ills. The only biography of Messner in English (so far!). Near Fine. SIGNED by Reinhold Messner. $125 Book #OP304

EXPEDITION 1933. London, 1933, 2nd printing. 279 pp, 57 photos. This first flight over Everest was as big a news story at the time as the climbing expeditions. With 3D glasses in rear pocket, Very Good. $75 Book #OP305A. ALSO AVAILABLE, 2nd ptg, Very Good. $50 Book # OP305B. ALSO AVAILABLE, Paperback, New. $25 Book # BK1899

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