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  Climbers arrive at Everest South Summit (archive)

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Climbers closing in on Everest South Summit
20:06 p.m. EDT May 20, 2003
The climbers who are up on their summit push should now be near or close to the South Summit. This is provided the sherpas managed to fix the ropes in the previously reported high winds. On the North, the teams should be only hours from the summit.

The sun have begun to rise, which makes a big difference in the climb. Suddenly, after hours and hours of darkness, there is a thin blue beam of light at the horizon. Sunrise! This is the time for the fabled mountain ghost. The mountain projects itself onto the morning fog. The shadow towers over Everest like a giant mirage. Beneath lies the world, glowing in the rising sun. At the Balcony, there was a short rest, and a change to a new oxygen bottle. A ridge lay ahead, and just above, not far at all, is the South Summit. Check out a video of the South Summit.

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