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Chinese got dibbs on the 12th
15:04 p.m. EDT May 5, 2003
According to a Russian report, the large Sohu Chinese North Side team have reserved May 12th for their summit date, "Politics have also entered summit bids as the Chinese have reserved the 12th of May for their very highly publicized live TV summit coverage, and have informed other groups that they are not to summit on that day."

It should be noted that during the expedition leaders' meeting weeks ago it was decided that the Chinese and Russell Brice's team were going to fix ropes all the way to the summit. The Russians, however, fixed ropes to the North Col, 7000m themselves.

In the Chinese's dispatch today they delayed their attempt to climb higher. Does this mean they might do a take-back and change their date?

The Chinese Sohu team is the largest on the mountain this year with over 140 members. They have brought a truck into base camp and strung miles of fiber-optic wire to enable them to do a live video transmission from the summit and use mobile phones while on the mountain

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