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Chinese Everest Summit: Mission accomplished - and some!
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May 22, 2005 01: 15 EST
China Daily reported an hour ago that fifteen Chinese mountaineers scaled Mount Everest at about 11: 08 Beijing Time, according to reports from the headquarters.

In a previous report, the weather up high has been good and the team even shot over live TV shots from the summit.

Two-fold mission

Gearing up for the 2008 Olympics, China is polishing Everest to make it sparkle for the Olympic flame. The challenge is two-fold; clean the mountain and measure its true height.

At the summit, the climbers are now installing the survey beacon, and transmitting GPS data to the nation's satellite navigation on-line observation. The beacon will collect altitude and weather data June 1-10, to be analyzed June 10-20 when all members of the survey expedition withdraw to Lhasa.

Sometime between June 20th and August, the survey data will be analyzed by computer, and Everest's precise elevation will finally be determined.

Image of China's survey system demonstrated in a three-dimensional view of Mount Qomolangma (Everest), courtesy of Outdoor Exploration.
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