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Charlie Wittmack celebrates in Kathmandu
13:28 p.m. EDT May 31, 2003
Charlie Wittmack is in Kathmandu after his successful summit. The street have been crazy the past couple of days with all the Everest celebrations, shoulder to shoulder, I've discovered that my toes face a greater risk of loss in K-du from Rickshaw than from frostbite at Camp 4.

Instead of joining in on the big banquets and award ceremonies, Charlie and his sirdar, Pasang Sherpa wandered the streets, eating at the local bakeries and watching the street dancers and local happenings.

On the night of the 29th Charlie turned down one street and amongst a huge crowd was one of his teammates, Sean Burch, who was atop a throne. Sean was conduction an interview with CNN in the middle of the action.

He finished off yesterday by paying Liz Hawley a visit and giving his complete summit account, ever detail of it.

Charlie Wittmack is from the US state of Iowa. He was part of a loose-knit team of free climbers who worked with a trekking agency for logistical and Sherpa support this season, instead of climbing with a larger, commercial outfit.

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