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Cathy and Ian follow in Mallory's footsteps
10:35 a.m. EDT Apr 29, 2003
With the help of a map from 1984 Cathy and Ian have scrambled up a nearby peak called Kartse, in hopes of a good vantage point for Everest's East Face and their planned new route.. They walked in the footsteps of Mallory who had scaled this peak some 82 years ago himself on a reconnaissance trip. Unfortunately, by the time the team reached a point 200m below the summit, clouds obscured the view of Everest, it started snowing, and the winds picked up.

The sun broke through occasionally on their climb down, but Everest remained enshrouded by clouds. Their consolation prize were as Cathy describes, "spectacular sunset views of Makalu and Pethangste: snow silver edged, rock like polished caramel, floating above a sea of gray mist."

For the rest of the week they will resume shuttling loads to their Advanced base camp at the foot of their newly planned route, and hope to be on the mountain and start the climb by the end of the week.

Cathy and Ian are attempting a new route on Everest's yet unclimbed North East face. Upon arrival at base camp their initially planned route proved to be too avalanche prone. The team regrouped and scouted out a safer line 500m away from their original route.

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