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Carlos Pauner evacuated from Kangchenjunga
14:46 p.m. EDT May 26, 2003
The Aragon Mountain Club confirms that a helicopter has picked up Carlos Puaner. He was expected to arrive in Kathmandu several hours ago, where he was to be met by his wife, friend, and a doctor from a Civil Guard Everest expedition. There have been several failed attempts in the past few days to fly Carlos and Silvio Mondinelli out.

It is not certain whether or not Carlos will be able to fly out to Spain today. Upon arrival back home, he will go directly to the hospital to seek treatment for his severely frostbitten fingers.

Carlos Pauner and Silvio Mondinelli summited Kangchenjunga on the 20th, but Carlos disappeared while descending, never arriving back in Camp III, 7600m. Just when all hope was lost, Carlos arrived in base camp after being at high altitude in bad weather for three days without shelter, food, or water. He survived, but has severely frostbitten fingers and is in danger of loosing them if he doesn't get back to Spain immediately. Silvio Mondinellie also had frostbite, but not as severe as Carlos’.

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