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Captain Kangaroo's Grandson to Everest
12:08 p.m. EST Jan 28, 2004
Just last Friday, America said goodbye to television legend Bob Keeshan, better known as Captain Kangaroo, who with an eclectic cast of characters, entertained generations of kids for nearly 30 years. Who knew the sky was filled with so many ping pong balls?

This March, Keeshan’s grandson Britton will climb right up to that sky when he sets out to scale Mount Everest. At age 22, Britton is also out to set a new record, hoping to become the youngest person to scale all Seven Summits. He already has six under his belt. Only Everest remains. (The record now belongs to Japanese climber Atsushi Yamada who completed the feat at 23 years, 9 days.)

Britton reports to Associated Press that it’s his grandfather’s memory providing the inspiration for his next feat. "His memory will be pushing me to strive even harder than I've ever strived before," Keeshan said. "He really just pushed me to push the boundaries and seek the outer limits of whatever I was doing."

While he believes he’s ready for Everest, Britton says nothing there is guaranteed. “There is no way of knowing how my body is going to do at 29,000 feet." But with the lessons learned from each preceding climb, he believes, “A mountain is never worth your life."

Britton will be climbing the South Col Route on Everest with Alpine Ascents. Its his seventh trip with them and the fifth of the Seven Summits. The team departs on March 29th.

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