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Calling Jannu:
12:52 p.m. EDT Oct 3, 2003
Pretty soon you will be able to. Latest word is that the old phone has been brought to Kathmandu and Thuraya supplied a replacement that is expected to arrive in Base Camp as early as this weekend. It is not known as of yet what the cause of the problem was, whether a human or unit based issue.

The Thuraya phone is one of the best, if not the best phone to use in the Himalayas and Asia. It is small, lightweight, has good battery life, and boasts a 9.6k data transfer. For the home Internet user with Cable or DSL that may not seem much, but itís light-speed compared to some of the older satellite phones and their transfer rate of 2.4k.

Compared to various other models, the Thuraya maintains high marks for reliability and ExplorersWeb and HumanEdgeTech regularly pair the satellite phone unit with the Contact 2.0 dispatching software for expeditions. Berg Adventures is currently using a Thuraya on their fall South Side Everest expedition. You can follow the links to the left to see more dispatches from expeditions using the Thuraya phone.

The Big Walls - Russian Routes team has its sights set on twelve of the world's biggest walls. They've currently accomplished six of the twelve and will be going for Jannu's unclimbed wall - 7710m. For a warm-up, the team traveled to Tien Shan where they successfully summited Khan Tengri.

Image of Chad Kellogg using a Thuraya phone to call his wife after he won this past Augustís Khan Tengri speed climb courtesy of Chad Kellogg.

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