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Britton Keeshan and the Mount Everest Cyber Climbers summit PUSH!
image story

image story

May 21, 2004 17: 19 EST
"Everyone is packing up to depart Base Camp and it's getting lonely around here. By Saturday it may be a cozy little camp -- our clinic staff and the basecamp folks at Alpine Ascents and Adventure Consultants. Both teams are on their push up the mountain now," wrote the Everest doc's at BCMD a few days ago.

This is the beauty of patience on Everest. At the end of the season, all climbers are gone - and it's just you and the mountain. Mount Everest is quiet, the walls are silent and you are alone with the world's tallest wonder.

Alpine Ascents and Adventure Consultants are both using Contact 2.0 for their dispatches and that too makes their story pretty unique. While other teams have to wait until they return to BC before they can send out their story and images to their webmasters, these guys are live from high camps.

Be sure not to miss out on their reports. Check also Daves video from the North side in the WebTV section. That too is straight from the mountain (music, edit and all). And so are the Base Camp clinic's reports.

Both teams, are in Camp 2 and Camp 3, and, according to today's pics - a heavy blanket of fresh snow on the Lhotse Wall.

Writes Luis from Adventure Consultants:

"The game is on.
Here we sit, Camp2 rest day, watching the weather, waiting and hoping...After all this time and expense, weather reports, sickness, joy, and intense moments, it comes down to this.

Everyone is feeling great, ready to go, hopefully to Camp3 tomorrow if the weather continues to clear. There are a few teams left to go up, and all are congregating here at C2 for the final push. So stay tuned for all the excitement and adventures to come!

Luis and the gang."

Alpine Ascents wrote:

"May 21, 2004. Camp III. Evening

Hello there cybernauts, this is Vern Tejas with Alpine Ascents Mount Everest 2004 expedition. I just want to tell you that we are on our way, we are up at Camp III, currently breathing oxygen and trying to cook dinner on a 45 degree slope made out of ice, it is wonderful, I wish you were here. It is the first time that we have been on oxygen and it feels quite nice. It allows us to sleep calmly and soundly and that is a good thing.

It is dark now and we are trying to get dinner on and everybody fed and watered. So stay tuned, stay with us, the weather is hopefully improving, we are in clouds, had some snow today. That was actually good because it kept us cool, the sun can be quite intense at this altitude. We plan on going up to Camp IV tomorrow and we are looking forward to getting some calm winds and hopefully then the sunshine comes through these clouds.

So ciao for now, we are thinking of you, bye bye."

Alpine Ascents have a guided climb up Everest’s South Col route with one of America’s leading expedition outfits. There are 8 climbers on the team, which includes the 22-year old Britton Keeshan (USA). If he summits Everest this year, he will become the youngest person to achieve the Seven Summits.
Expedition leaders: Lakpa Rita Sherpa (recently 1st sherpa on Vinson), Vernon Tejas, and Dave Morton.

Adventure Consultants, one of the worlds leading outfits founded by the legendary mountain guide Rob Hall have 3 guides and a maximum of 9 clients. Two of the guides are Mike Roberts and Luis Benitez. Mike Roberts is an Everest summiter and has led expeditions to Aconcagua in South America, McKinley in Alaska, Vinson Massif in Antarctica, Gasherbrum I & II in Pakistan, Cho Oyu in Tibet and Muztagh Ata in Western China. Luis Benitez has also guided around the world and is a 3-time Everest summiter.

The first-ever Everest Base Camp Medical Clinic is a pilot project of the Himalayan Rescue Association, and the brain-child of Dr. Luanne Freer.

Dr. Luanne Freer, board certified emergency physician, wilderness medicine expert, and veteran volunteer for the HRA, heads the altitude-experienced medical staff, which treats all climbers/support staff at Everest Base Camp, as well as trekkers visiting Base Camp. Luanne makes daily live updates to her website from BC.

The Himalayan Rescue Association is a voluntary non-profit organization formed in 1973 with an objective to reduce casualties in the Nepal Himalayas. The HRA will use proceeds collected from trekkers and climbers for their medical care to fund it's continuing mission to provide low cost/free health care to the native Nepali people.

The Clinic too uses Contact 2.0 for their updates

Live image from C3 Everest South today, courtesy of Alpine Ascents, and C2 (top) courtesy of Adventure Consultants. Video: Exweb archive.

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