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BC Clinic: Medical emergencies on Everest's South side
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May 31, 2005 05: 30 EST
The Base Camp Clinic crew, working in Everest's south side BC, has just reported on some climbers in trouble on the mountain's upper sections. The docs are giving advice to the teams through the radio, and the sick climbers are being treated in higher camps. This is their latest:

"The weather was not as good as the day before, but still some twenty climbers made it to the summit today (May, 31st).

HAPE and HACE cases

"But as people are going up and down, some drama also… We were called upon to give medical advice via radio to several teams. One climber was suffering from HAPE on the South Col last night, but after treatment there, he was doing much better and is descending today. A climber from another team had to abandon his summit bid this morning and is probably suffering from mild HACE. He is back at Camp 4 and being treated as we write this message."

Rock falling injuries

"There are further reports of someone being hit in the head by a rock below the South Summit and a sherpa who was struck by rockfall on his descent. Both are doing well. We continue to be on standby to provide advice for the teams who are up there and hope everybody makes it down safely."

Image of Everest, BaseCamp MD files
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