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BBC "The challenge" Everest updated with "the Void" crew
15:04 p.m. EST Feb 20, 2004
An update from Kevin Donovan:
"All is going well in preparing for the expedition. I would like for you to change the title of the expedition from Expedition Everest 2004 to Adventure Peaks North Ridge. Dave Pritt is the organizer and he deserves all the credit here.

"Additional climbing members have been added to our Everest team for the new BBC production 'The Challenge'.

"The BBC members will consist of climbing member Tony Griffiths, cameraman John Whittle, safety person Paul Moores, 2 Sherpas and at BC/ABC Director Ewen Thomson and Assistant Producer Rachel Skelton. John and Paul are from High Exposure, LTD. They are world class cinematographers and climbers and most recently worked on the production of Touching the Void."

Check full crew list on the Everest expedition list later today.

This north ridge expedition is a small team of climbers from various nations. The non-guided expedition is organized by Dave Pritt's Adventure Peaks.

Among the members:
Serena Brocklebank will be following in the footsteps of her grandfather, Tom Brocklebank, who was a member of the British expedition to the north side of Everest in 1933. Kevin Donovan is a 47-year old computer systems administrator from Dallas, Texas: Im just an ordinary guy". Tom and Ben hope to be the first British brothers to summit Everest together.

The climbers will be using the new British oxygen system (used successfully for the first time last year by the Royal Navy Royal Marines Everest North Ridge Expedition 2003. Check out Everest Oxygen week in the news pages).

Image of Everest camp 4 "the death zone" ExplorersWeb files.

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