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Assessing and rebuilding
10:26 a.m. EDT May 7, 2003
The next few days the climbers will be on clean up detail. Already teams are making their way back onto Everest to check on their camps and see what Everest ate and what it spit out.

One of the last teams on the mountain before the storm is now one of the first teams back up. The Adventure Consultants clan made quick work of the icefall and the route to Camp II, 6800m. Along the way they stopped off at Camp I, 6400m, to salvage some equipment from their tent that was destroyed.

Tomorrow they'll take a rest at Camp II, and then shoot for an evening at Camp III, 7300m, the next day.

Also back onto the mountain is Gary Guller from Team Everest 03. He made it to Camp I and said, "he has never seen as many broken tent poles in all his years climbing as he witnessed when he arrived there. Gary is making do in the one tent that is habitable and tomorrow he and his Sherpas at Camp II will begin the repairs. Fortunately, they have brought along spare poles and some material to mend the damaged tents.

Image of Camp II courtesy of Adventure Consultants

This past weekend hurricane force winds blasted Everest and the Himalayas. 100's of tents have been destroyed, even at the lower levels.

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