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Apa summits Everest for 13th time, Hoffman team summits
02:05 a.m. EDT May 26, 2003
Just received an email that Angie had called from base camp and reported that Apa Sherpa had reached the summit for his 13th time early in the morning, and that Bob Hoffman, Tom Burch, Mimi Vadasz, Bob Boice, and Brian O'Connor summited together with three sherpas. They reported high winds.

This is 60 year old Bob Hoffman's 2nd time on the summit of Everest. Mimi is a mother of two from California, and the 13th American woman on top of Everest. Tom is an attorney form San Francisco. This is his first 8000m peak. Brian is from Scotsdale, Arizona and Everest crowns his final seven summit. Robert Boice is from San Francisco, Calif as well.

Apa Sherpa has now summited 13 times (Everest record). He summited at 0345 hrs, around the same time Lhakpa Gelu should have summited on his record speed ascent this morning.

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