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Annapurna - 3 proceed
09:53 a.m. EDT Oct 22, 2003
The latest news from Annapurna is that only three of the five members of the summit team have continued on the ascent thus far. Marco, Max, and Christian proceeded to Camp 3, but about halfway along the route, Corrado abandoned the climb, too tired to continue. He was definitely feeling the effects of last week’s first summit bid, when the team reached 7500m before turning around.

The intense winds pummeling Everest are shown to be spilling over into the region, and the forecast shows sustained high winds may linger for several days.

Meanwhile, Abele Blanc remains in Camp 2. The team will soon post an updated dispatch with further details.

Italian climbers Abele Blanc and Christian Kuntner are out to scale the world's fourteen 8000m peaks. To date, Abele has succeeded in climbing 13, and Christian, 12. Annapurna will complete the quest for Abele.

Image courtesy of blancabele.com.

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