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American all star team to re-open a few eyes in Himalaya
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Apr 8, 2005 09: 41 EST
Remember Dave D'Angelo, the kid (and one of the first ExWeb team members) who climbed Everest with Abramov last year?

This year, Dave is heading back to Himalaya with Emmy Award winner Michael Brown and their Serac Films. Together with a team of American North Face athletes, they are off to climb, film - and save a few local eyes...

Eradicating curable and preventable blindness

This is familiar turf to 4-time Everest summiteer Michael who made the documentary "Farther than the eye can see" about the blind Everest summiteer's Erik Weihenmayer climb.

"Its not often in the world of mountaineering that an expedition can say they are going over to Nepal not only to climb a beautiful 6000m mountain, but also help contribute to eradicating curable and preventable blindness. Well, this is exactly what a small crew of doctors, climbers, filmmakers, and photographers are about to embark on for the next month and a half," Dave writes in the first dispatch.

Lift a bandage and see for the first time

Expedition leader is well-known seven time Everest summiter, Peter Athans. Dr. Geoffrey Tabin, is also an Everest summiteer, and other familiar names are Conrad Anker, Kevin Thaw, Abby Watkins and John Griber. Outside Magazine will be there as well. Rounding off the team are two additional photographers, Jordan Campbell and Kristoffer Erikson.

"So stay tuned for the next couple of weeks, get to know about the team, the doctors, the people of Nepal, climbing in the high Himalayas, and what its like for someone to lift a bandage and in some cases, see for the first time in years," Dave ends the report.

Image of the expedition climbing target: Cholatse, 6440m and Arakam Tse - Photo by Michael Brown.
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