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Ama Dablam, Check. Next up, Everest North Face
10:56 a.m. EST Mar 16, 2004
Why is Yuri Koshelenko smiling? Well, it must be because these guys are now all done with Ama Dablam and headed back to Kathmandu to start the second leg of their expedition: a new route on the North Face of Everest.

"The third group, Yuri Koshelenko, Viktor Bobok, and Alexey Bukinich reached the summit of Ama Dablam at about 11.25am local time on March, 16th."

With Ama Dablam checked off the clan of Ruskies is heading back down valley and plan to be in Kathmandu this Saturday, the 20th. After that, its the North Side of Everest.

Teams go from Kathmandu to Lhasa, either by bus or plane, then on to the North Side Base Camp via truck or bus. The Russians will undoubtedly be traveling to Lhasa via bus

Perhaps the most exciting expedition on Everest this spring will be the Russians. A crack team will be attempting Everest via the center of the North Face. This is a severe, technical climb to the left of the Hornbein/Japanese couloir. The guys are going straight up, on a clean and lofty face. The technical difficulty of the route along with the extreme altitude makes this one of the most difficult challenges in mountaineering.

The expedition is a Russian dream team. There are previous Everest summiteers, Golden Ice Axe winners, and many, many 8000m veterans. Koshelenko, who just made the first summit of Nuptse East will be on the team as well. The Russians also have a young 22 year old Alexey Bukinich Koshelenko pulled for him, and he made the team.

Image of Yuri Koshelenko while en route to Ama Dablam courtesy of Mountain.ru.

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