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Alpine ascents summit Everest
09:13 a.m. EDT May 30, 2003
Nepal ministry reports 7 member and 7 sherpas of Alpine Ascents summited Everest at 12.15 pm today.

Name of Summiteers

1. Mr. Vernon Edward Tejas (50 Yrs), Mountain Guide, Warfield Pl, Anchorage, USA.
2. Mr. Luis G. Benitaz (31 Yrs), Mountain Guide, Greenbeim, Boulder, CO, USA.
3. Mr. James Patrick Clarke (40 Yrs), Chief operating officer, Monte Vista, Costa Mesa, CA, USA.
4. Mr. Matthew Holt (41 Yrs), Banker, Red Post hill, London, UK.
5. Mr. Paul Obert (53 Yrs), Physician, Bradford Place, Oklahoma, USA.
6. Mr. Jean Michel Valette (43 Yrs), Independent Advisor, Mapel Avenue, Colorado, USA.
7. Mr. Bruno Rodi (49 Yrs), President, Saint Jean, Mascouche, Quebec, Canada.
8. Mr. Lakpa Rita Sherpa (37 Yrs), Sirdar, Namche-7, Solukhumbu, Nepal.
9. Mr. Kami Rita (Thopkee) Sherpa (33 Yrs), HAS, Namche-7, Solukhumbu, Nepal.
10. Mr. Mingma Tshering Sherpa (29 Yrs), HAS, Namche-7, Solukhumbu, Nepal.
11. Mr. Kami Rita Sherpa (26 Yrs), HAS, Namche-7, Solukhumbu, Nepal.
12. Mr. Tsherri Sherpa (28 Yrs), HAS, Namche-5, Solukhumbu, Nepal.
13. Mr. Tshering Dorjee Sherpa (31 Yrs), HAS, Jubhing-1, Solukhumbu, Nepal.
14. Mr. Pemba Tenzing Sherpa (27 Yrs), HAS, Namche-4, Solukhumbu, Nepal.

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