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Alpine Ascents update at last!
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May 31, 2005 18: 27 EST
They posted a summit dispatch, were going to update when everyone was down at camp 4 - and then all went silent...

Turns out, the guys had problems with their tech gear and all is good. Here goes the latest from Alpine Ascents:

Hello from...Seattle!

"Greetings from the Seattle Office. We apologize for the cybercast delay after Summit Day - the communications equipment has been uncooperative for the past couple of days. To update you on the team's progress: David, Vern, Chewang and Thakpee made it safely back to High Camp after their successful summit and spent the night very tired after summiting from Camp III, a remarkable push. Today they are headed back down to Camp II, and they should be back into Base Camp by June 1."

Second push coming up

"Meanwhile Team II, consisting of Esther, Danielle, Tony, Dave, Jose Luis, and Lakpa are moving from Camp III to Camp IV in hopes of improving weather, which has deteriorated somewhat in the past two days. They are optimistic yet realistic about the winds abating in the next two days, which is all the time they will have to attempt the summit and make it back down through the icefall before the June 5 cut-off date."

"It has been a very tough year, weather-wise, and we send all of our good wishes for calm winds and warmer temperatures for the team as they make their way up."

"We expect dispatches to resume from Base Camp in the next 24 hours."

May 30, David Liano, Vernon Tejas, Chewang Sherpa, and Thapkee Sherpa summited Mount Everest from the south side. 25 years old Mexican David Liano has been climbing since he was 13 years old. Summits include Cho-Oyu, Denali, Aconcagua, Huayna Potosi, Pequeno Alpamayo, and Pico de Orizaba and Iztacciauatl in his native Mexico. Vernon Tejas, has done the Seven Summits three times, and summited Everest 4. Lakpa Rita Sherpa was the world's first Sherpa to summit Mount Vinson at Antarctica, and is a six time Everest summiteer.

Vernon Tejas, Lakpa Rita Sherpa, Dave Morton, and Jose Luis Peralvo are once again guiding the Alpine Ascents International team this spring on Everest. AA has been leading climbers to the roof of the world for 18 years now. The US based company is one of the leading outfitters on the South Side. This is a full serviced guided expedition.

Among the clients, at 20 years of age, Danielle Fisher has a chance to be the youngest person to climb the seven summits, replacing the current 7 summit record holder Britton Keeshan, who was 22 when he reached Everest - the final of his seven summits - last spring. She is in the second summit push team.

Image of the second push team at camp 2, courtesy of Alpine Ascents.

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