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Alpine Ascents on second summit and chopper crash in Everest BC
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Jun 2, 2005 00: 30 EST
Alpine Ascents made it - again - and Danielle is the youngest Seven Summiteer (check separate story). Here's the teams latest, including a chopper crash in BC!

"June 2 SUMMIT! 9:40

SUMMIT! It’s official. The first people of our team to arrive at the summit of Chomalungma were Jose Luis Peralvo, Esther Colwill, Mingma Tsering Sherpa, and Nima Nuru Sherpa. They stepped onto the top of the world at 7:37 this morning."

"Shortly after Dave Morton and Danielle Fisher arrived, and by 8:50 everyone was standing on the top, including Tony Van Marken, Lakpa Rita Sherpa, Kami Rita Sherpa, Tsheri Sherpa, and Tshering Dorjee Sherpa. Once again cheers went up throughout our base camp and congratulations went out to the summiters."

"Take your pictures and get yourselves out of there"

"Words of advice from Willi were,”Congratulations! Now take your pictures and get yourselves out of there. The weather seems to be ok for now, but everyone is concerned that the winds might pick up again. We will be happy to see everyone safe down to the south Col. However the word here in base camp is that we may not wait until the team comes down to raise a beer in their honor!

Chopper crash

Also on a side note, another Russian MI17 helicopter crashed this morning in base camp (the last one was in 2003). The good news is that it stayed upright and the pilot was able to shut it down right away. People were shook up, but the word from the Himalayan Rescue Association docs is that no one was injured."

Get the heck out of BC too!

"The big concern at this point is that it had passengers coming up from Kathmandu who are not acclimatized to this elevation. The helipad at base camp is now out of commission so the plan is to have them walk to Gorak Shep where another helicopter can pick them up. Today is their lucky day – it could have been much worse.

At 20 years of age, Danielle Fisher has become the youngest person to climb the seven summits, replacing the current 7 summit record holder Britton Keeshan, who was 22 when he reached Everest - the final of his seven summits - last spring, also with Alpine Ascents.

Vernon Tejas, Lakpa Rita Sherpa, Dave Morton, and Jose Luis Peralvo are once again guiding the Alpine Ascents International team this spring on Everest. Vernon Tejas, has done the Seven Summits three times, and summited Everest 4. Lakpa Rita Sherpa was the world's first Sherpa to summit Mount Vinson at Antarctica, and is a six time Everest summiteer. AA has been leading climbers to the roof of the world for 18 years now. The US based company is one of the leading outfitters on the South Side. This is a full serviced guided expedition.

Image of a crashed chopper in Everest BC, ExplorersWeb files.

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