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Alpine Ascents descends down to CII after yesterday's summit
14:19 p.m. EDT May 31, 2003
Alpine Ascents is back in Camp II, 6500m, after their successful summit yesterday. They report the mountain is now desolate, and it’s just them and IMG in Camp II and in base camp. The team is tired after the long summit day yesterday and their climb down the Lhotse Face today.

Word has it that the icefall is, “very, very interesting,” so the team is waiting until the early hours of the morning to make their final descent through the icefall this season.

They give a special thanks to their base camp manager, Ellie, “can't stress enough, how much support, advice, and direction she gives us during summit day, and during the summit push. Making sure we are all thinking clearly, keeping in touch with all of our families, as well as just being there for support!”

This was Luis Benitez’s third consecutive ascent of Everest. He climbed in 2001 with blind climber Erik Weihenmeyer’s team, and in 2002 and 2003 with Alpine Ascents. The other on the team, Willie Pritti, did not summit this year as he turned around to assist one of the climbers back to Camp IV, 7900m.

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