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Alpine Ascents Everest summit push update
00:50 a.m. EDT May 30, 2003
After fiddling with the base camp antenna, Ellie is back in direct radio communication with the summit team. As of 0930 hrs local time (about an hour ago), the team was coming up to the South Summit. By now they should be near or on the Hillary Step with only another hour or so left until the summit.

Ellie reports that the climbers are baking in their down suits and are wishing for a little wind to cool them off. Imagine all that, after a season of high winds that were too high, now they are too low.

Willi and Jeff are on their way down to the South Col, Camp IV, 7900m. Jeff wasn't feeling up to it and made a tough decision to turn around. They should be at or near Camp IV by now.

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