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A little snow never stops the Russians
09:20 a.m. EDT Apr 30, 2003
Despite snowy conditions on Everest, climbers from the Russian Adventure Team North side expedition are making moves. Six climbers advanced above the North Col, 7000m, to 7500m today. Three of which will spend the night there.

Tomorrow three more climbers who are currently in ABC will make their way up higher with Sherpas to set Camp III, 7900m. This past Monday Sherpas refused to set Camp III because of the weather. Expedition leader Alexander Abramov is a bit concerned about the recent snowfall, "The snow is still falling, I am afraid that the pitches between 7000m and 7500m can be avalanche-prone."

Alexander Abramov reports from ABC:

"April 29. It has been snowing all night through - justifying weather forecasts. This morning at 10 a.m. we were informed over the radio that Sergey Larin and Slava Pashkov had left for Camp 7500 to spend a night there. Three more members of our expedition - Moskalev, Soifer, Litinsky - are going for an acclimatization hike to 7500 today as well.

It started snowing even more heavily. We are sitting in the dining-tent playing preference for oxygen bottles. Our kitchen boy came with hot water. We've been playing for 6 hours and it is still snowing.
Last time we haven't fulfilled our plan: we haven't set Camp 7900m. Now we have a new plan: tomorrow Abramov, Gudzhabidze, and Pushkarev are going together with Sherpas to install Camp 7900m. It will take about three days. The snow is still falling, I am afraid that the pitches between 7000m and 7500m can be avalanche-prone.

Today Vasya Elagin arrived in ABC. He said that the group of Yuriy Koshelenko arrived in BC.
The snow is still falling. It looks like Christmas Eve. I nearly failed to find my tent in the dark. So tomorrow we'll make an attempt. Bye."

This expedition is part of a new project called the, "Russian Adventure Team." Their goal is to climb the seven summits of the seven continents - The first peak climbed was Mt. Elbrus this past January 8th and then Kilimanjaro. After Everest, they will head to Carstensz Pyramid.

Alexander's dispatch translated and forwarded by our friends as Mountain.ru

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