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Adventure Consultants turn around at Everest South Summit
04:35 a.m. EDT May 22, 2003
The AC crew aborted their summit bid and is safe and sound back at the South Col, 7900m. The tem turned around at South Summit due to crowded route in combination with high winds.

Adventure Consultants are carrying the torch of the legendary Rob Hall, who was the greatest commercial expedition leader of his time. Rob always climbed with his clients. He died with them in 1996 at the South Summit of Mount Everest. Adventure Consultants too have been transmitting live pictures and dispatches of the entire Everest climb, latest today's picture from Camp 4. Bill Crouse is leading the Adventure Consultants expedition and is guiding with Ang Dorje, the head sherpa who has scaled Everest 8 times. (IGO 8000 member)

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