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Adventure Consultants to leave for Camp IV in 3 hours
18:21 p.m. EDT May 19, 2003
The Adventure Consultants team arrived in Camp III, 7300m, today. The O2's are flowing and the team is feeling great! In just 3 short hours they will leave for Camp IV, 7900m at the South Col. Several other teams are expected to head up to Camp IV as well.

Depending upon whether they spend a night at Camp IV or not, some teams could be leaving for their final summit push in about 18 hours from now. Adventure Consultantís expedition member Alan Arnette was on Everest last year but turned around. He is back this year to give it another go.

Bill Crouse is leading the Adventure Consultants expedition and is guiding with Ang Dorje, the head sherpa who has scaled Everest 8 times. (IGO 8000 member)

Image of Bill and Bob from in Camp III today courtesy of Adventure Consultants

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