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A Brazilian film gets the first prize at Trento Mountain Film Festival
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May 10, 2005 15: 46 EST
”Extremo Sul” (Southern Extreme) by Brazilian directors Monica Schmiedt and Sylvestre Campe has been awarded Golden Gentian - the first prize at the International Film Festival of Mountains, Exploration and Adventure “Città di Trento”. It is the first time a Brazilian film gets the mayor award in Trento Festival’s history. The International Jury chaired by the film director Stefania Casini has awarded “Extremo Sul” among 45 competing films.

Confessions in front of the camera

The film reflex the swing between dream and reality experienced by whoever starts an expedition and has to confront his limits and fears when finding himself alone before nature, according to the jury. The protagonists of the expedition document each phase of the attempt to climb Mount Sarmiento in Tierra del Fuego (South America). The climbers honestly express their doubts, anxiety, fears and motivation in front of the camera, as well as their feelings after the attempt fails.

Now it will be presented to distributors worldwide as one of the leading films of the Brazilian film industry at Cannes Festival. It is also about to be launched in the Brazilian cinemas.

More films awarded:

The Golden Gentian for the best film on mountains has been awarded to “The Devil’s Miner”, by directors Rochard Ladkani and Kief Davison, a few days after they received the special mention for the best documentary direction at NYC’s Tribeca Film Festival. The film tells, through the eyes and words of the two young protagonists, the practise of children being forced by financial necessity to work in the mines of Cerro Rico in Bolivia, also known as “The man-eater mountain”.

The Golden Gentian of the Italian Alpine Club has been awarded to “Sur le fil des 4000”, by French film director Gilles Chappaz, as the best mountaineering film. This film, while describing the last expedition of Patrick Berhault, at the same time is giving a moving portrait of the French climber, who died in the Alps last year.

Three Silver Gentians have been also awarded to the following films:

“Erik(a)”, by the Austrian director Kurt Mayer, for the best film about sport and sport adventure; “Giant grizzly” by Andreas Kieling (Germany), for the best film on exploration, and “The gorillas of my father” by Adrian Warren (Austria), for the best film about mountain environment. The Jury’s Special Prize has been awarded to the film “Tibet - Cry of the snow lion” by the American director Tom Peosay: A documentary about the difficult political and religious situation in Tibet controlled by the Chinese Government.

Trento Film festival is the oldest festival focused on mountaineering and exploration films. The Italian city hosted its 53rd edition from April 30th to May 8th.

Image of climbers on Mt. Sarmiento in the film “Extremo Sul” courtesy of Trento mountain Festival’s press office

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