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7-summit Club's latest: Summits last night, still no word from Harry
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Jun 2, 2005 21: 43 EST
In the previous news update, Alex reported that Lorenzo called at 1 pm from 7700 m. He had gone blind, but managed to get back to camp 2 (at 7700 m). Sherpas were sent up for the other climbers, last seen above high camp early this morning.

A message has now arrived from Lorenzo on Harry's Seven Summit blog: "A combination of a very technical climb and a que of people made progress up from Camp 3 difficult, especially in the dark. 'Wonderful to be speaking to you all ... celebrating life.'"

"He started to notice he couldn't focus, then realised he'd lost vision in one eye. He then lost contact with the others on the way up to North Ridge; very worrying. Reached the North Ridge and could see the peaks on the South side, but realised then, at 8600m, that he could not carry on."

"Now, even more dramatic, he managed to find some shelter behind a rock to rest until sunrise, the tip of Everest just in front of him. Harry sent up a Sherpa to help Lorenzo down from Camp 2. A lesson learned to never do such a summit without a personal Sherpa. 'Very terrifying to be on my own - my 'time' had not come.'At this stage, there has been no message from Harry, but it could just be his radio. John is at Camp 3 and Dmitry has summited too."

This year, Alexander Abramov joined hands with Harry Kikstra of 7summits.com, forming the 7summits-club. This expedition's unorthodox Everest climb has been a true adventure, through thick and thin, through the good times and through the bad.

Two Slovenian team members - Маrko Lihteneker (45) and Viktor Mlinar (38) - summited last weekend. Sadly, Marko was lost during descent. Although wrecked, the remaining climbers launched a new bid last weekend, dividing in two groups. First group succeeded and is back in ABC. Second group's members were attempting the summit today.

Image of Harry Kikstra and Nikolay Cherny courtesy of Seven Summits Club team.

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