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6 teams expected on K2 this summer
00:35 a.m. EDT May 23, 2003
With the Himalayan spring season coming to an end at the end of this month, the Karakorum season will be heating up. 23 teams are expected to be climbing 8000m in Pakistan this summer, 6 of them will be going for K2. Among them is Araceli Segarra, who was made famous in the 1996 Everest IMAX movie.

Araceli tried K2 last summer and did not make. In fact, no one made K2 last year. Araceli is back to give it another go and break the curse of K2 - every woman who has summited K2 either died on the way down, or on subsequent expeditions.

Kari Kobler, a commercial expedition outfit who is currently on the North Side of Everest plans to have a K2 expedition as well this summer.

Click here for K2Climb.net and this summer season's tentative permits

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