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1.5 meters of fresh snow doesn't stop the Swedes
14:27 p.m. EDT May 9, 2003
The Swedish Dhaulagiri team called in from Camp I, 5750m, on Dhaulagiri. Today they planned on going up to Camp II, 6700m, and acclimatizing for two days before heading up higher.

Gear at 6200m that has to be dug out from the 1.5m of fresh snow. The deep snow has also made travel difficult and arduous for the team. In line, the climbers have had to take turns breaking trail up the mountain.

The Swede’s last update was from base camp after the initial blast of the windstorm. Many of their tents were collapsed or destroyed by the wind and everything around them not tied down became projectiles.

Image courtesy of Swedish Dhaulagiri

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