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14 x 8000er correction: It's 5 - not 6 - without O2
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May 13, 2005 12: 11 EST
Yesterday we ran a popular story on the individuals of the prestigious 14, 8000+ club of mountaineers. Overnight, the community polished the story with two corrections:

1. The elite council was of course inaugurated in 1986 by Tyrolean legend Reinhold Messner on the summit of Lhotse. (Not in 1970, which was the year of Messner's first 8000+ summit).

2. Unfortunately, Carlos Carsolio required emergency oxygen on his descent from Makalu. This drops him from the no O2 list, making Viesturs one among only five to have summited all 14, 8000ers without gas.

Table and original story are now updated. Enjoy!

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