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Everest's most dangerous person, Henry Todd
April 1, 2003
Imagine this: You are a diabetic and are off to sail across the Atlantic Ocean. Would you purchase your life-saving Insulin from a convicted drug dealer who has served time in prison? Well, something similar to this situation has been and still is happening on Mount Everest in regards to the oxygen...

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Different routes on Everest and a sobering tale in the midst of the media flashlights
April 14, 2003
...there are Everest survival shows, countless dispatches to the web, Everest Internet cafes, and even an Everest Bar...

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Everest speed climb
March 31, 2003
From base camp to the South Col at 7950 meters Meraldi will be wearing lightweight clothes and trail running shoes...
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Everest oldest summiters
March 31, 2003
...on this expeditions are two of the first Americans to summit K2. Jim Wickwire and John Roskelley were both member's of Jim Whittaker's first successful US expedition to K2 back in 1978.
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Everest Technology Week
March, 2003
...1953 the telegraph was used to get word out that Everest had been summited for the first time... The speed at which information from Everest reaches the outside world has drastically improved since. Satellite phones and the Internet have revolutionized communication on Everest.
Super light setup video from the summit.
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In-depth: Altitude, Oxygen and AMS
Dec, 2002
An in-depth story of the effects of altitude and how climbers adapt. ...
1. Intro to altitude, AMS   
2. Climbers approach to altitude   
3. Hypoxic Tent system   
4. Gamow bag   
5. Interview with Igor Gamow  

Barrabes joins with ExplorersWeb
Feb 3, 2003
Spanish equipment supplier Barrabes joins forces with the ExplorersWeb family to provide climbers and adventurers with high-end equipment at the lowest prices. Within the last year US climbing magazines have imposed a ban on advertising Barrabes in their publications, in order to protect American retailers that are unable to match Barrabes’ selection and prices.
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