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Himalaya Autumn 2008 expeditions

Updated: Sep 15, 2008
Note: List is preliminary and subject to changes

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Korean Park’s SW face expedition
Korean Park Young-seok is back for Everest’s SW face. In his first attempt last year, Park’s close friends Oh Hee-joon and Lee Hyeon-jo perished in an avalanche. Now the Korean 14x8000ers summiteer is back, leading a team of 11 climbers.
Skydive Everest
After a successful skydive from 16,000ft at Shyanboche in May, High and Wild have received permit to hold the first ever Skydiving program in front of Mt Everest this October/November.
“Vikings” Eriksson and Aamot’s sky-ski expedition
Swedish Fredrik Eriksson and Norwegian Jörgen Aamot hope to climb and ski down Kangchenjunga's south-west face in the first Swedish/Norwegian ascent of the peak and the first ski descent of its (very steep) slopes ever. They plan to acclimatize in the area before launching a four-day summit push without supplementary oxygen or high altitude Sherpas.
Jean Troillet’s Annapurna South expedition
Swiss Jean Troillet is headed for the infamous Annapurna south face together with Martial Dumas, Jean-Yves "Blutch" Fredriksen, Kobi Reichen and Sébastien Devrient (camera).
Dare to Dream Annapurna North expedition
American Everest Summiteers Tonya Riggs and Brad Clement are attempting Annapurna, by the French route on the north side. “Tentatively, we will be attempting the Dutch Rib route,” the team also stated.
House, Anderson & Prezelj for Makalu’s west face
Piolet d’Or winners Steve House, Vince Anderson and Marko Prezelj are setting their sights on Makalu’s difficult west face.
Jesús Calleja
Spanish Jesús Calleja is climbing Makalu, assisted by 5 Sherpa and Emilio Valdés on camera.
Nives Meroi & Romano Benet
Teaming up with regular climbing mate Luca Vuerich, the Italian couple is back in Himalaya, this time for Manaslu.
Edurne + Al Filo de lo Imposible Spanish Expedition
Once again teaming up with Al Filo de lo Imposible's Antonio Perezgrueso, Ignacio Delgado, Esther Sabadell, Ferrán Latorre, Mikel Zabalza, Asier Izagirre, Alex Chicón and Juanjo Garra - Edurne Pasaban hopes Manaslu will become her 11th 8000er. Also Polish Kinga Baranowska (Cho Oyu, Broad Peak, Nanga Parbat and Dhaulagiri) is joining this Al Filo permit.
Juanito Oiarzábal’s Alava expedition
The 22x8000ers summiteer is leading a bunch of homies from Alava to Manaslu; the Basque climbers' original goal of Cho Oyu was scrubbed after the climbers were unable to get a climbing permit.
Yuri & Laura
Two time Everest summiteer, mexican Yuri Contreras is trying Manaslu with Laura Gonzalez del Castillo
Serbian Manaslu expedition
Dragan Jacimovic is leading a large team on Manaslu. Members are Nina Adjanin, Dejan Apostolovic, Dragan Celikovic (Expedition Dr.), Aleksandar Rasin, Zoran Mitrovic, Muhamed Gafic, Miralem Husanovic, Zdenko “Veki” Veljacic, Zdenko Maric, Simona Pogac, Marko Salvic, Dragan Bulatovic, and Milan Radovic.
Stephan Kecks
Austrian Stephan Kecks is climbing Manaslu together with Wolfgang Bartl, Martin Sutterlüty and Josef Felder.
Richard Hidalgo
Peruvian Richard Hidalgo is attempting Manaslu in a preparatory climb for Everest next year.
Rosa Fernández
Spanish Rosa Fernandez also switched from restricted Cho Oyu to Manaslu.
Amical Alpin Manaslu 2008 expedition
Mathias Nössig is leading nine climbers from Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Switzerland on Manaslu. The expedition has two high altitude Sherpas, but no supplementary O2.
Project-Himalaya/Altitude Junkies
The two outfitters have joined forces for a Manaslu expedition led by double-Everest summiteer Phil Crampton. Also members are Guntis Brands, Valerie Parkinson and Stuart Smith, plus climbing Sherpas Tarki Sherpa and Pasang Gombu Sherpa.
Jagged Globe
Jagged Globe too have a group on Manaslu instead of Cho Oyu this year.
The Swiss outfitter has launched a Manaslu expedition led by Reiner Taglinger.
Cho Oyu
Spanish and Italian Cho Oyu expeditions
Spanish Isabel Asensio, Vanesa Ortega, Nicolás Durán Jiménez and Arturo Díaz Herrero, from Spain’s Extremadura region, are attempting Cho Oyu via its normal route. Italian Nicola Campani, Daniele Corsini, Fabrizio Silvetti, and Fausto Sassatelli claim they will climb Cho Oyu's normal route in alpine style and without O2.
Spanish website
Italian website
Field Touring Alpine Cho Oyu 2008 expedition
Leader Stu Remensnyder and Assistant Guide Ben Kane are leading Kit Dickson, Justin Moody, Guy Higgott, Guy Leveille, Italo Mazza, Lyngve Skrede, Erik Haugen, Ian Hibbert, Antonin Calzarossa, and Rob Baker. BC manager Ryan Castel; climbing Sherpas Rai "Tsering" Parsu Ram and Lakhpa Sherpa
International Mountain Guides have two climbing permits for Cho Oyu: Team one is led by Olivia Cussen, plus two private guides; Ben Kurdt and John Race. Members are David Rice, John Dahlem, Ryan Dahlem, Monica Rimai, Hamish Walton, Vladimir Grechka, and Robert Meyer. Team 2 is led by Michael Hamill. Members are Christian Bergum, Louis Carstens, Theodore Fairhurst, Nathan Dolbeare, Alfred Schumer, Paul Garry, Michael Chapman and Karel Masek.
Summit Climb
Owner Dan Mazur is leading the Summit Clima expedition on Cho Oyu. The large team comprises a second guide (Finnish Sam Mansikka), three leaders-in-training (Argentinean Max Kausch, a nd Americans Erik Petersen and Michiel Zuidweg), and 19 international members: Squash Falconer, Suzy Madge and David Fairweather from UK; Finnish Marko Aho, Heikki Kallio, Pertti Kalliola, Mikko Valanne and Raimo Koponen; Americans Kurt Blair, Ron Cloud, Gary Kellund, John Pando, Vik Sahney and Keith Spencer; Australian Tom Clarke and Gavin Turner; Dutch Willem Leendertse; Italian Federico Rota, and Polish Krzysztof Wasowski.
Himalayan Experience announces a Cho Oyu expedition to take place from Aug 28 to Oct 07. Confirmation and updates are still expected.

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