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Himalaya spring 2007 expeditions

Updated: Apr 04, 2007
Note: List is preliminary and subject to changes

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Everest SW face -Nepal 8848m
Park Young-Seok for a new route on the SW face

Korean Park Young-Seok was evacuated from the Bering Strait last week but will not remain at home for long. The 14x8000er summiteer is launching the only Everest expedition this spring outside of the normal routes.

Park will attempt a new route on the southwest face, hoping to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the first Korean Everest summit. Serap Jangbu Sherpa will be in the team as well.

Everest Traverses Tibet-Nepal 8848m
David Tait’s double traverse

When David Tait summited Everest last year he liked it so much that he decided to do it again - twice. David aims to ‘double-traverse’ Everest. He will climb and summit from the North, Tibetan side, and descend down to ABC on the South side in Nepal. “Then, weather and health permitting, I will simply retrace my steps all the way back to Tibet, summiting yet again en-route,” David stated.

After a failed attempt in 2004, Britain’s David Tait summitted Everest from its North, Tibetan side on June 4, 2006 as a member of Himex.

Expedition’s website: www.davidtait.com
Gavin Bate: No O2, single-push traverse + Cho Oyu
Britain’s Gavin Bate will attempt Everest this year for the fourth time. He will use no supplementary O2 or previously fixed higher camps. On this occasion though, Gavin will climb from Tibet, intending to complete a traverse down to the South side.

Bate plans to acclimatize first by climbing Cho Oyu, together with a team from Adventure Alternative. TThen he will show up in Everest’s BC ready for a summit push without setting high camps on either side. Instead, Gavin will take along a lightweight single-skin tent with a small stove, a bivi bag and some essential gear in his backpack. “If I cannot manage the traverse then I will come down from the north side, then circle round to Nepal by vehicle and climb the mountain by the SE Ridge route,” Gavin said.

Gavin's website: www.everestpost.com
Filipinos back for a double bet – this time bringing the girls!
After achieving the first national ascents last year, Filipinos are now taking a step forward on Everest: This year they are back with sights set on a double traverse expedition, which in addition will include three female members: Coast Guard officers Noelle Wenceslao, Carina Dayondon and Janet Belarmino. According to media, the huge team will divide on both sides of the mountain, aiming for a double-way traverse; that is, climbers hope to launch summit pushes from both sides at the same time, meet up on the summit and then traverse down the opposite sides.

Apparently, Carina will climb from Tibet and traverse to Nepal while Noelle Wenceslao will climb from Nepal and descend towards Tibet. The girls trained by climbing Denali last year (Noelle and Carina summited) and attempting Cho Oyu.

First Philippine Everest summiteers, Leo Oracion and Erwin Emata, are also members of the upcoming 2007 expedition. Other members include Ari Ben C. Sebastian, Fred B. Jamili, Regie Pablo, Florentino ‘Jong’ Narciso, Juan ‘JB’ Añonuevo, Levi Nahayangan, Larry Honoridez, Ariel Ambayec, Dr. Ted Esguerra, John Tronco, Choi Aquino and Voltaire Velasco. Disagreement among team members forced the original expedition leader Arturo Valdez to resign - Reggie Pablo was selected new leader. Apparently, the team is focused on putting the girls on the summit, whilst other climbers will have to sacrifice their bids.

Expedition's website: www.philippine-everest.com
News on the expedition on GMA News’ website: www.gmanews.tv
China’s Olympic torch-run rehearsal: From Nepal to Tibet
Beijing plans to take the Olympic Flame to Mount Everest as a stage on the Olympic Torch Relay to Beijing, an event of major symbolic importance starting by March, 2008. Beforehand, there will be a trial run of the torch ceremony on the mountain this spring. The Beijing Olympic Committee said a climbing team will take the torch up the mountain from the southern slope in Nepal before descending to the North into Tibet. They also stated that the event would be televised later this year.Later reports in Chinese media state the team could start instead from Tibet.

CTMA (China/Tibet Mountaineering Association): ctma.tibet.cn
Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics: en.beijing2008.cn

Everest North Ridge - Tibet 8848m
Nives Meroi & Romano Benet for their 9th 8000er – w/o O2
Italian ace climber Nives Meroi and husband Romano Benet will attempt to make Everest their ninth 8000er. The married couple, who summited Dhaulagiri and K2 last year, are climbing without supplementary O2 via the North Col route, which they already know from a previous attempt in 1996.

One of the leading female climbers in the world, Nives still has a hard time finding sponsors. “For acclimatization, we would have liked to do a short trek in the Kharta valley, but it's too expensive,” she said. “So, I think we'll go straight to Everest BC and stay there for a few days drinking beer and playing cards.”

Nives’ website (Italian): nives.alpinizem.net
American Barolt brothers: North side ski descent
Americans Mike and Steve Marolt are going for a double-header this spring. The goal: Acclimatize on Cho Oyu with a ski descent included, followed by an encore on Everest’s north side.

Skiing down Everest’s North side is one of the yet unchecked items on the list of Everest records. Hans Kammerlander skied the North Col route but the ascent was not complete (minus rocky areas).
Kazakhs Maxut Zhumayev & Vassily Pivtsov
After summiting ten 8000ers in just five years Everest is the young Kazakhs' next goal. They will climb via the North Col route.

In summer, Maxut and Vassily will attempt K2.

Info on Maxut on Russian Climb: www.russianclimb.com
Cato Zahl Pedersen – Unarmed on Everest
Norwegian Cato Zahl Pedersen from Norway will climb Everest in 2007. Cato was left disabled when he was 12 years old. He was involved in a high voltage accident and lost both his arms. The first person without arms on the mountain, Cato will climb the South Col route.

Devoted to sports, Cato won 11 gold medals in the Olympics for the disabled in 1980, 1984 and 1988. In 1994, he skied to the South Pole together with Odd Harald Hauge and Lars Ebbesen. The guys went all the way from Berkner Island unsupported. In 2004, Cato learned to climb on rope. In 2005, he summited Cho Oyu… "unarmed."

Odd Harald will again team up with Cato for Everest. Also in the team will be Norwegian Einar Osland, Swede Camilla Nilsson and Swiss Cedric Zulauf. The expedition also counts on a BC manager, a photographer and a crew of 8 Sherpas led by Dawa Chhiri Sherpa.

Cato's website (Norwegian): www.catozahl.no

Expedition reports in English on Nettavisen website: www.nettavisen.no/friluftsliv/unarmed
Colombia Colseguros Everest Expedition
This spring Juan Pablo Ruiz will be back on Everest, which summit he reached back in 2001, as the leader of a Colombian expedition. Team members Antonio Lozada, Elkin González, Rafael Ávila and Luís Felipe Ossa will attempt Everest without supplementary O2. Mónica Bernal, Katty Guzmán and Ana Maria Giraldo hope to become the first Colombian female Everest summiteers. The expedition also includes Everest summiteer Marcelo Arbelaez, Luis A. Camargo, Carlos Camargo, Raymond Bodenmann, and Manuel Barrios. Part of the team tackled Shisha Pangma last year.

Expedition's website (Spanish): www.everest2007.colseguros.com
Belgian Everest Climb 2007 – the north side: Playmates of the season
Belgian climbers Bjorn Vandewege, Stein Tant and Stef Maginelle departed their flat land late March, towards the highest point on Earth – the summit of Everest. Previously the guys had honed their high altitude skills by climbing Aconcagua and Denali together.

Bjorn, Stein and Stef will climb via Tibet, on the peak’s northern side. They hope to climb the mountain as self-sufficiently as possible. "We’ve hired logistics with Dan Mazur’s Summit Climb outfitter, but otherwise we will move independently up the mountain," the climbers reported. They will also count on the help of two high altitude Sherpas and supplementary O2.

Expedition’s website (Dutch): www.belgianeverestclimb.be
Dutch Chomolungma expedition: Back with an off season lesson learnt
In 2004, Werner de Jong led a fall expedition to the North side of Mount Everest. What was supposed to be a climbing challenge on the deserted peak, soon turned into a logistic nightmare. This year he is launching a new team for Everest, along with three climbing mates: Robert de Vries (32), Ronnie van den Broek (36) and Wim Hof (47). Ronnie has previously summited Cho Oyu and Werner topped out Muztagh Ata (7.546m).

The team first train by climbing Mont Blanc in France from March 9-15. Then thy'll fly to Nepal and trek in Lantang region up to 5000 meters - arrival in Everest BC is not expected until April 16. Member Wim Holf will try to set a new world by climbing as high as possible in shorts. Wim already has 9 world records, and has trained hard for many years to withstand cold, much like some monks do in Tibet.

Expedition’s website: www.universalsummit.nl

Wim’s website: www.innerfire.nl
Makalu Ming-ho Gau's Taiwan Mountaineering Association expedition
Makalu Ming-ho Gau is back on Everest, this time from the north side, leading an expedition launched by Taiwan Mountaineering Association.

Gau was among the climbers caught in a storm during their spring 1996 summit bid on Everest. Severely frostbitten, he was rescued after 36 hours, while eight other climbers died on the mountain.

Gau’s China Peaks website: en.chinapeaks.com
Lungevity team
American college buddies Brian Oestrike and Justin Hewitt are climbing Everest via the North Col route. They are trying to bring attention to lung cancer, of which Brian’s mother died last year. The two young climbers, both in their twenties, summited Island Peak for acclimatization prior to moving in BC.

Team’s blog: www.climbforcancer.blogspot.com
French bicycling around the world and climbing Everest on the way
French Cyril Cointre and Clément Latour have joined the international team launched by Monterosa treks on Everest north side. The two are focused on "the roofs of the world with a bicycle" project consisting of cyclists touring the world and climbing the highest mountain of each country and continent.

Team’s website (French): www.lestoitsdumondeavelo.com
Adrian Crane & sons - Team Karma
American Adrian Crane, member of Team Karma Adventure Racing, will attempt Everest from the north side, hiring logistics from Monterosa Treks and sharing permit and BC with Werner de Jong's Dutch team.This will be Crane's second attempt on Everest, which summit Adrian tried to reach back in 2005.

Adrian will be accompanied by Johnathan Crane, Christopher Crane and by Derek Castle. They will constitute his 'California Sherpas'. Johnathan and Christopher are Adrian's sons with experience from Aconcagua and California 14000ft mountains. Derek is a member of Shadowchase running club and has climbing experience in California.

Expedition’s website: www.teamkarma.com
Everest FreeStyle expedition: Heart surgery patient Phill Michael
On his first Himalayan experience and three years after undergoing major cardiac surgery, Canadian Phill Michael hopes to summit Everest from its North side. In 2003, Phill was the recipient of a robotic aortic valve (Medtronic bio-prosthesis). Therefore, the climber will be in constant communication with his cardiologist so that the doctor can monitor his progress towards the top of Everest. The expedition plan is to conduct live, interactive video web conferencing from their higher camps on the mountain.

The expedition’s sirdar, Lhawang Dhondup, a resident of California, has summited Everest, Cho Oyu and Shisha Pangma. Chris Stanko and Andrew Chapman will support the climbers from BC.

Expedition’s website: www.secretspoteverest.com
Xinjiang Chinese Everest expedition
A 6-member team led by Yang Chunfeng will attempt Everest this spring from its north side.

Expedition’s website (Chinese): www.8264.com/topic/596.html
Jamie McGuinness is one again leading a team on Mount Everest, via the standard NE ridge route. Jamie has already summitted Everest twice, both from the North Col route.

The expedition will kick off in April, aiming for a late summit. “Summiting Everest later in May’s always safer,” states Jamie. “It is warmer, less crowded, and the jet stream winds do not stop until very late in the season.”

Jamie’s Project-Himalaya and Duncan Chessell’s DCXP teams will climb independently, but will work together, especially as backup for each other.

Expedition’s website: www.project-himalaya.com
Duncan Chessell's DCXP
Australian Duncan Chessell will lead a team on Everest’s north side, as he did last year – back then teaming up with Jamie McGuiness’ Project-Himalaya team.

Expedition’s website: www.dcxp.com
Iranian Everest expedition
Abbas Jafari is leading three other fellow Iranian climbers on Everest’s north side. The team plans to share the climbing permit with a larger, international team – not yet confirmed.
Indian Army for Everest – take four
The Indian Army is launching a 20 man-strong team (14 climbers and 6 support-staff) for Everest’s North side, led by Lt. Col. I.S. Thapa of the Maratha Light Infantry.

This will be the Indian Army's fourth expedition to Everest. An all-women's team reached the summit in 2005. Prior to that, expeditions were successfully launched in 2001 and 2003. The team trained by scaling Mount Bhagirathi-II (6,510 m) and Mount Mana (7,273 m) in the Garhwal Himalayas.

Indian Army’s website: indianarmy.nic.in
Dan Mazur’s SummitClimb north side team
Dan, guiding on the South side, will also coordinate an expedition on the North side, led by Arnold Coster, a veteran of three Everest expeditions.

Summit Climb’s website: www.summitclimb.com
Manny Pizarro – Everest 2007, Learning Without Limits
Canada resident Manuel “Manny” Pizarro (35), an educator at an integration high school will attempt Everest this spring. Pizarro, a native of Chile who now lives in Pointe Claire, will leave with his climbing partner, Jim Albert, on March 10.

The climbers will be members in Dan Mazur’s SummitClimb team, and will use Ted Atkins’ O2 system.

Expedition’s website: www.climbhigh.ca/
Pizarro’s dispatches on LBPSB website: www.lbpsb.qc.ca/everest2007/
Hamar til Topps Norwegian expedition
After testing their skills on Shisha Pangma last fall, Hamar til topps team plans to launch an Everest expedition in spring, 2007.

Expedition’s website (Norwegian): www.hamartiltopps.no
Werner Berger (69): Meet me at the top
“I’m Werner Berger, and I dare you to dream,” challenges the 69-year-old climber on his website. “I hope to be the oldest North American to reach the summit of Mount Everest.” The peak is also the last stage on Berger’s 7 Summits quest.

Expedition’s ebsite: www.meetmeatthetop.com
Prague’s Mayor: Off duty — and off to Everest
After some discussion, Prague's Mayor Pavel Bem has obtained approval from the City Council on his request for a two-month unpaid leave. Reason is, the 43rd mayor of the Czech Republic’s capital city is climbing Everest together with another five mountain climbers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Adventure Peaks
The UK-based outfitter is launching an expedition on Everest's north side this spring, 2007. Among team members are scout leaders Carrie Gibson and Keith Armour, ready to celebrate Scouting’s centenary on the top.

Expedition’s website: www.adventurepeaks.com
Russell Brice is once again running a commercial expedition on Everest’s north side, plus arranging logistics for several other teams.

HiMex’s website: www.himex.com
Discovery Channel back for more
The Discovery Channel has discovered a gold-mine of drama on Everest. As in 2006, and with logistics help from HiMex, a climbing and filming team will soon be on Everest’s North side. The 2007 team includes Betsy Huelskamp, a columnist with a female-motorcycling online magazine. Betsy has ridden a Harley Davidson for 20 years, but has never climbed at 8000 meters before (she did previously climb some lesser peaks in Nepal).

Discovery Channel: www.discovery.com

Women Riders Now:www.womenridersnow.com

Betsy’s website: www.BetsyHuelskamp.com
Alex Abramov’s Seven Summits-club team
Russian Alex Abramov will lead a fully-supplied expedition on Everest’s North side again this year. Members include John Delaney, Ireland; Maxim Shakirov, Russia; Israfil Ashurly, Russia (Azerbaijan); Andrey Zajtsev, Russia; Andrey Ivanov, Russia; Sergey Dashkevich, Russia; Sergey Batura, Russia; Hannah Shields, UK; William Hazelton Tyler III, USA; Curt Myers, USA; Dirk Feige, German; Armenak Tigranian, Russia; Dmitry Zjuz, Ukraine; Armen Rshtuni, Russia; Bruce Matthews, New Zealand; Rafael Nagapetianz, Russia; Alexander Kibalko, Russia.

The guides will be Russians Sergey Kofanov, Alexander Bichenko, Sergey Larin, and Lyudmila Korobeshko. Andrey Selivanov will be the expedition’s doctor and BC manager.

7Summts-club's website: www.7summits-club.com

Everest South East Ridge - Nepal - 8848m
Pemba Dorje for Everest + Lhotse in one day, plus Babu’s record
Pemba Dorje Sherpa, current record-holder of the fastest Everest ascent (set in 2004 with an 8 hrs 10 min ascent on O2 from the south side) is going for a double challenge: Everest + Lhotse in one day. He also plans to meet the record of the late Babu Chirri Sherpa by remaining on top of Everest for 24 hours without supplementary O2.
Caudwell Xtreme Everest: Docs at work in the deathzone
A British team of climbing physicians and researchers will conduct experiments, including blood oxygen readings and brain function tests, at high altitude, including Everest’s summit. Their goal, apart from becoming Everest summiteers, is to study how the human body responds under extreme conditions. The research will be used to improve the treatment given to critically ill patients at intensive-care units in the UK.

Climbing members include Dr. Mike Grocott (expedition leader), Dr. Hugh Montgomery (research leader), Dr. Denny Levett (expedition medical officer) and Dr. Sundeep Dhillon (climbing leader). They will be accompanied by a larger group of physicians, researchers and BC crew.

Exedition’s website: www.xtreme-everest.co.uk
Robert Goh: Back to Everest, back w/o O2
Former Everest 1998 team member Singaporean Robert Goh is back to Everest after a previous no-O2 attempt back in 1998. Goh, who quit his job as an aeronautical engineer last year to focus entirely on climbing, is teaming up with Ang Yau Choon. They will climb the South Col route, on an American outfitter’s logistics. Robert will try again to reach the summit without O2 support.
Captain Meagan McGrath – Canadian Forces’ 7th Summit
Meagan McGrath is a Regular Force Captain in the Canadian Air Force. She is also an aeronautical engineer. McGrath has successfully summitted the highest peaks on six of the world's seven continents. Everest is the next and final peak she needs to summit before completing her quest. Shall she succeed, Meagan will become the first Canadian Forces member to achieve the Seven Summits. She will climb the South Col route.

Meagan expedition’s website: www.meaganmcgrathadventurer.com
Mostafa Salame: Everest for world peace and the King of Jordan
Mostafa Mahmoud Salameh is climbing Everest this spring, aiming to be the first Jordanian to climb the Seven Summits. He has already climbed Vinson, Elbrus and Denali. A member in Mountain madness team, Mostafa is sponsored by Jordan’s monarch, King Abdullah.

Salameh is climbing Everest for the second time after a previous attempt in 2005. Back then a stomach ulcer forced him back, just as it did from Cho Oyu in 2006.This time he is member in Mountain Madness team.

Mostafa expedition’s website: www.jordanfirsteverest.com
Finding Life team: Remembering Sean Egan
Everest summiteer Gabriel Filippi is back to Everest leading an expedition paying tribute to Canadian Sean Egan, who perished of a heart attack at age 63 when climbing the mountain with filmmaker and climber Elia Saikaly. Elia retraced Sean’s footsteps up to Camp 2 last year, and this time hopes to climb all the way to the summit, in order to complete a documentary titled “Finding Life”.

Expedition’s website: www.findinglife.ca
Paul Adler back to Everest: An unfinished task
Last year on Everest, Aussie Paul and Fiona Adler stood out for their non-political dispatches. Coming back for the Everest summit this year, Paul is eyeing local climbing companies in support of the Sherpas. “I’ve decided I want to use new Poisk oxygen bottles that have been filled by Poisk in St. Petersburg, and a new regulator, combined with a TopOut mask,” Paul said. “I’ll also hire a personal Sherpa to climb with me throughout the expedition.”

Wife Fiona plans to trek to BC by the time summit pushes start.

Adlers' website: www.adlers.com.au
Paul’s dispatches on MyEverest website: www.myeverest.com
Mike Haugen’s Coleman Everest 5.5 Challenge
Denver schoolteacher and veteran mountaineer Mike Haugen (30) is climbing Everest’s south side, and sending multimedia dispatches to his pupils at home.

Mike will also act as field-tester for Coleman® Exponent® gear. He will climb as a member of the IMG team.

Expedition's website: www.colemaneverest.com
Dr. Tim's Everest Klimb For Kids 2007 + Al Hancock
Ten years ago Chiropractic Dr. Tim Warren, from Arizona, hoped to visit Everest BC someday. This spring, he hopes also to climb all the way up to the summit. He will climb together with Al Hancock from Alberta, Canada and two Sherpa guides. Phinjo Sherpa from Phortse, twice Everest summiteer, will accompany Tim.

Dr. Tim, climbing under a 'Summit and Safe Return' motto, also plans to take his chiropractic table up to BC.

Tim’s dispatches: www.humanedgetech.com/expedition/warren
Al’s dispatches: www.humanedgetech.com/expedition/hancock
Apa and Lhakpa Gelu to meet at Everest summit – SuperSherpas expediton
Apa Sherpa, the man who has stood on the top of the world a record 16 times, and Lhakpa Gelu Sherpa, who summited Mt. Everest in the record time of 10 hours 56 minutes and 46 seconds, are joining together to make a summit attempt this spring. The summit team will be comprised of the two record holders along with four other Nepali support members. Lhakpa Gelu Sherpa summited 11 times in addition to his world record setting ascent. This would be his 13th summit.

The climb is designed to highlight the role of the Sherpas and the Nepali people.

Jerry Mika and Roger Kehr will support the climbers from BC. Jerry and Apa are partners in an outdoor clothing company in Salt Lake City.

Expedition’s website: www.supersherpas.com/
Former Malaysian minister for Everest

Former Malaysian Deputy Minister Datuk Khalid Yunus (64) is leading an eleven-member expedition to climb Mount Everest this season, according to Kantipur online, quoting Malaysian papers. The team, including female climber Marina, reached Kathmandu on Sunday.
Ang Rita's Democratic Everest Expedition

Ten-time Everest summiteer Ang Rita will lead another five Nepalese climber on Everest. The expedition pays tribute to those who perished during April,2006's protests.
Sky High – Scouts on Everest
After climbing Cho Oyu in 2005, a team of Scouts from the UK is going for Everest in 2007 - the best place they could think of to celebrate the centenary year of Scouting.

Russell Parke, a veteran Hampshire Scout Expeditions leader, had the vision back in 1998 and a group of climbing-devoted members have been involved in the task ever since. Parke will be the BC manager, assisted by Jeremy White. As for the climbing team, Nathan Figg will lead younger members David Frid, James Fry, Rhys Jones and Andy Smith(all in their twenties).

The seven members of the Sky High team will leave the UK on March 24. They will spend two days in Kathmandu organizing their equipment, including the large amount of kit gear already in Nepal following the 2005 expedition to Cho Oyu.

Expedition’s website:www.scoutsoneverest.org.uk
London Business School’s Rock and Mountain Club
In March 2007 a team from the London Business School's Rock & Mountain Club will attempt to summit Mount Everest. In doing so they will put the first Egyptian and the first Welsh woman on top of the world. They will tackle the peak’s South side.

The team comprises Benjamin Stephens (26) of London, UK; Greg Maud (32) of Johannesburg, SA; Omar Samra (Egyptian residing in London) and Tori James (25), born in Wales but now residing in London. John Royden (40) of London will act as Base Camp Support.

Members have undertaken a number of training climbs in the run up to Everest, including Cho Oyu (Tori summitted) and Denali.

Expedition’s website: www.everest2007.net
Omar’s website: www.omarsamra.com
FirstSummit Everest Clean Up Expedition 2007
This team led by Ellis J. Stewart hopes to clean garbage from Everest’s South side slopes and wants to make it very clear they are there to clean, not to bag a summit. “The clean up team will not attempt the summit, climbing no higher than the South Col on the mountain,” they say.

“All proceeds will go towards the recruitment of a team of sherpas specifically employed in order to remove rubbish from the slopes of the mountain next spring,” the team states.

Rubbish will be brought back to the UK for public viewing “to raise awareness of the environmental impact of the commercialization of Everest,” the team ensures.

Expedition’s website: www.everestpixeldream.com
Jeanne Stawiecki: The Marathon runner
American Jeanne Stawiecki (56 years old) hopes to finish her project to climb the seven summits on Everest this year. She has already run marathons on all seven continents, the last one having been the Antarctica Marathon a month ago.

Jeanne’s website: sevenin2007.com
Alpine Ascents International
AA is launching a guided team on Everest’s South side, comprising 10-12 climbers. Guides will be Lakpa Rita Sherpa (also Sirdar, but sharing all the responsibility of a full Western Guide), Vernon Tejas, David Morton and Amy Bullard. The Sherpa team will be the same as last year.

Expedition’s website: www.alpineascents.com
Adventure Consultants
The New Zealand-based outfitter will also launch a team on Everest’s South Col route this year, led by Guy Cotter. American Luis Benitez and Kiwis Mark Sedon and Mike Roberts will guide nine climbers.

Expedition sirdar will be Ang Tshering Sherpa and Ang Dorjee Sherpa has been hired as climbing sirdar.

Expedition’s website: www.adventureconsultants.co.nz
Michael Dunjey – All the way up from down under
Michael Dunjey has spent the last 10 years climbing in the Himalayas, Nepal, Pakistan, China and Tibet. All those trips were focused on a higher goal, the summit of Everest. He hopes to achieve that goal this spring as a member in AC team. Born in Perth, Dunjey claims that if successful he would become the first Western Australian to summit Everest.

Michael’s website: www.michaeldunjey.com.au
Malaysian Ravi: North side done — now trying from Nepal
Malaysian Ravichandran has announced he’ll climb Everest from its south side this spring. Last year he summited from the north side.
Jim Williams' Exploradus expedition
Jim Willians is back on Everest guiding an Exploradus team. The American outfitter's latest visit to the mountain was in 2005.

Expedition’s website: www.exploradus.com
Mountain Trip expedition
The Colorado-based guiding company, specialized on guided climbs on Denali, is giving a try to Everest this spring. Ryan Campbell will guide Russ Lamb and Sam Kay on the South Col route, hiring IMG's logistics. Panuru Sherpa will accompany the climbing team.

Expedition’s website: www.mountaintrip.com
Info on Russ & Sam on JustGiving’s website: www.justgiving.com/MOUNTEVEREST2007
Jagged Globe Everest South side
UK-Based outfitter Jagged-Globe is launching a guided expedition on Everest’s South side, plus providing logistics to other expeditions on the spot.

Expedition’s website: www.jagged-globe.co.uk
IMG (International Mountain guides)
Eric Simonson is organizing another Everest expedition this spring. A guided team will attempt the peak from the South Col route. The leaders will again be Mark Tucker and Ang Jangbu Sherpa and the Sirdar will be Ang Passang, from Pangboche. They expect to arrive at Base Camp by April 2. IMG is also providing all-route logistics for other climbing teams.

Expedition’s website: www.mountainguides.com
Mountain Madness
Willie Benegas is once more leading MM’s team on Everest’s South side. Co-leader will be Casey Henley (Ama Dablam and Cho Oyu summiteer).

Willie has reached the summit five times.

Expedition’s website: www.mountainmadness.com
Dan Mazur’s SummitClimb – Everest south side
Dan himself is leading the SummitClimb team on the peak’s South Col route. The American outfitter offers both guided teams or provides logistics for independent expeditions.

Expedition’s website: www.summitclimb.com
Ta’s Everest-007
Climber, educator and hockey coach Ta Loeffler hopes to carry the Newfoundland flag to the highest point on Earth. She will climb as member of IMG’s team.

Ta’s expedition website: www.taloeffler.com
Ice 8000
Ice 8000 (formerly Himalayan Guides)is Henry Todd's outfitter.It has expeditions announced on Everest's south side and Lhotse.

Expedition website: www.ice8000.com
Kari Kobler's Swiss expedition
Swiss guide Kari Kobler is again launching an expedition on Everest's south side. A further team for Lhote is also announced.

Expedition’s website (German): www.kobler-partner.ch
Further events on Everest
Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon: 42.195 KM from BC to Namche Bazaar
The Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon is an International High Altitude Adventure Sports Event being held at Mt. Everest Base Camp on May 29 (the date of the first ascent) every year. The Marathon sticks to Olympic standards, thus covering exactly 42.195 km, from Everest’s south side BC to Namche.

The Marathon is open for all High Altitude runners above 16 years of age. Before the race starts, participants will trek to BC from Lukla, with the proper acclimatization pace and stops.

Checkpoints will be set at Gorak Shep, Periche, Phunge Thanga after Thyangboche and at the finish line by Namche.

Race's website: www.everestmarathon.com

Annapurna – Nepal – 8091m
Ueli Steck solo on Annapurna’s south face – alpine style
Swiss Ueli Steck will attempt the south face of Annapurna solo and alpine style this spring. A veteran on several solo climbs in the Alps and Himalayan 6000ers, Ueli considers the 3000 meters-long face a “logical evolution” in his climbing career. Last year, on a team led by Kari Kobler, Ueli opened a new line on GII’s north side. In 2005, he was nominated for a series of solo express climbs on the north faces of three of Nepal’s peaks.

Ueli’s website: www.uelisteck.ch
Edurne Pasaban and Ivan Vallejo for Annapurna
Ecuadorian Ivan Vallejo’s (12, 8000+ meters) summit bagged, and Spaniard Lady climber Edurne Pasaban will climb the classic, German route on Annapurna – statistically the most dangerous of all 8000ers.

Edurne has summited eight 8000ers. Last year she attempted Shisha’s south face. As for Ivan, he will go for Annapurna and leave his other “pending account”, Dhaulagri, for 2008.

Also in the team will be Spaniards Ferran Latorre and Asier Izaguirre.

Edurne's website (Spanish): www.edurnepasaban.net

Ivan's website (Spanish): www.ivanvallejo.com
Iñaki Ochoa & friends for a Dhaulagiri+Annapurna double-header
After attempting Dhaulagiri as a member of an international team, Spaniard Iñaki Ochoa (11, 8000ers summited) may move to Annapurna, if there’s still time. Ochoa would attempt one of the routes on the North or West side of the mountain, together with Romanian Horia Colibasanu and Swiss Joelle Brupbacher. Australian Andrew Lock will join the group after climbing Shisha Pangma.

Iñaki's website (Spanish): www.navarra8000.com
Andrew Lock: Shisha Pangma+Annapurna double-header
Australian Andrew Lock (11, 8000ers summited) hopes to meet Ochoa and team at Annapurna, BC for a joint climb after he is done with Shisha Pangma.

Andrew's website: www.andrew-lock.com
Russian Bogomolov and Georgian Gia Torladze
Russian Serguey Bogomolov and Georgian Gia Torladze are teaming up again - for Annapurna. Bogomolov and Torladze succeded in climbing Manaslu last year, Serguey’s 12th 8000er. In the summer Bogomolov barely escaped an avalanche that killed four other people on K2.

Also part of the team and flying to Kathmandu today are Emil Mamedov, from Moscow, and Dmitry Sinev and Alexander Lutokhin, from Chernogolovka. The team will climb the German route, a line to the left of Bonington’s, on Annapurna’s NW side. This is Bogomolov’s second attempt on Annapurna.

News on the team on Russian Climb: www.rusianclimb.com
Rip Curl Snowboard Annapurna expedition
Young riders Andy Finch (US), Chris Booth (Australia), Per Loken (Norwa) and Baptiste Collomb-Patton (France) are already in the Annapurna area, searching for the best slopes to surf down on their snowboards. Hiring logistics from a heli-ski company, the guys also hope to jump off the highest kicker they can find, at about 5000 meters.

Expedition's website: www.ripcurl.com/himalaya

Kangchenjunga – Nepal – 8586m
Oscar Cadiach: Step by step on Kangchenjunga
Oscar Cadiach, Patxi Goñi, Julen Requeta, Fernando Rubio, Iñigo de Pineda, and Joan Riva (on his first Himalayan experience), will be alone on Kangchenjunga, which they plan to climb via the British route, without high altitude Sherpas or supplementary O2. The team will first acclimatize by guiding a larger team on island Peak.

Dhaulagiri – Nepal - 8167m
Gerlinde for Dhaula, her 10th 8000er – w/o Ralf
Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner is going for Dhaulagiri and K2 this spring and summer. If successful, these would become the 10th and 11th 8000ers for the leading Austrian female climber.

This time Gerlinde is climbing without fiancée Ralf Dujmovits (at the time leading a team on Manaslu). Instead, Kaltenbrunner will join forces with another woman: Lucie Orsulova from the Czech Republic. The girls are good friends since they met on Everest’s north side in 2005.

Gerlinde's website (German): www.gerlinde-kaltenbrunner.at
Iñaki Ochoa & friends for a Dhaulagiri+Annapurna double header
Spaniard Iñaki Ochoa (11, 8000ers summitted) is ready to give Dhaula a second try, after a failed attempt in 2005… and he’s still considering an attempt on Annapurna afterwards, if there‘s still time. Ochoa has made sure he is climbing with long time friends who share his criteria: ascending without O2 or Sherpas and minimizing the use of fixed ropes. Ochoa's team mates will be Jorge Egocheaga, Oscar Fernández, Ignacio Barrio, Romanian Horia Colibasanu, American Joby Ogwyn and Swiss female climber Joelle Brupbacher.

The team plans to reach BC as early as possible in the season.

Iñaki's website (Spanish): www.navarra8000.com
Denis Urubko to speed up Dhaulagiri
Before heading for a new route on K2’s north face in summer, Kazakh Denis Urubko also has some juicy spring plans. Denis will lead a team up Dhaulagiri, composed of younger climbers from the national team – depending on their generally tight budget; the climbers will probably number four. After the team climbs the normal route, Denis will re-ascend for speed, a feat he hopes to complete by the end of April

Info on Kazakh climbers on Russian Climb: www.russianclimb.com
Mario Merelli and Mario Panzeri's Italian team
Mario Merelli and the Italian Dhaulagiri team departed Milano on March 21. Merelli, Mario Panzeri, Rosa Morotti, Sergio Dalla Longa, Domenico Belinghieri, Stefano Magri, plus Spaniard Lina Quesada will climb the classic route of the first ascent, achieved in 1969 by Kurt Diemberger, Peter Diener, Ernst Forrer, Albin Schelbert, Nima Dorjee and Nawang Dorjee. Panzeri’s wife Paola will also accompany the team as BC manager. As for Merelli, he attempted Dhaula in 2001

Mario's website (Italian): www.mariomerelli.it
Spanish Exea Club Dhaulagiri Expedition
A Spanish team led by Santiago Sagaste will go for Dhaula in April. Team members include Luis Royo, Javier Serrano, José Ángel Sánchez, Bruno Gaspar and Ricardo Valencia.

Santiago has already climbed Shisha and GII. Ricardo Valencia has summited Nanga Parbat, Makalu, GII and Cho Oyu. Serrano has summited GII.

The team plans to climb via the normal route, although they remarked they want to take a good look to the East face – just in case.

Expedition's website (Spanish): www.dhaulagiri2007.com
UES Sabadell Dhaulagiri Expedition
Spaniards Josep Noguera and Roger Sellent are climbing Dhaulagiri this year. Josep summited Manaslu in 1999. At that time, he made friends with a German expedition, with whom the Spaniards are teaming up now, in order to share the permit and work together on the mountain. They are climbing without Sherpa or oxygen support.

Expedition's website (Catalan): www.telefonica.net/web2/dhaulagiri2007

Makalu – Nepal - 8485m
Waldemar Niclevicz's Brazilian expedition
Makalu is the next goal for Brazil’s leading climber Waldermar Niclevicz, a double Everest summiteer with five other 8,000ers on his resume.

Niclevicz is teaming up with long-time mate Irivan Gustavo Burda and rock climber Mauricio Clauzet. The team will acclimatize first by climbing Baruntse (7,129m), accompanied by Alexandre Silva and Eduardo Gualberto. Once on Makalu, they’ll be joined by Frenchman Gilles Bouchet, who has previously summited Everest and Nanga Parbat, and attempted K2.

Waldemar’s website (Portuguese): www.niclevicz.com.br

Manaslu – Nepal - 8163m
Amical Alpin Manaslu expedition
While his fiancée, Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, deals with Dhaula, German Ralf Dujmovits will guide a team on Manaslu – a peak he knows well.

“I already guided Manaslu in 2002,” Ralf said. “Back then all 14 members, three high altitude porters and two guides reached the last camp. However, due to the altitude sickness of a member, I had to return during the summit attempt. Hopefully this time I will be luckier.” The expedition is launched by his company Amical Alpin.

Amical’s website (German): www.amical.de
“Ukraine-Himal 2007” for two new routes on Manaslu’s massif
A team launched by the Ukrainian Climbing Federation will attempt two new routes on Manaslu’s massif: A first ascent on a nameless, 6,300m peak rising south of the main summit and a new route on neighboring Himal Chuli (7893 m). On the latter peak, the team led by Michael Zagirnyak hopes to complete the first ascent on its NE face.

The expedition was conceived during a previous climb on Manaslu in 2001. Back then the Ukrainians opened a new route to commemorate the 10th anniversary of their country’s independence. Zagirnyak was a member of that team, as was Sergey Pugachev. Now both are back to climb the neighboring peaks, teaming up with Vladimir Mogila, Alexander Lavrinenko and some other younger climbers – possibly Jury Kruglov, Sergey Kovalev, Verbitsky, Dubrovin or Tsushko.

Shisha Pangma – Nepal - 8027m
Andrew Lock: Shisha Pangma+Annapurna double-header
Australian Andrew Lock (11, 8000ers summited) will try to reach the main summit of Shisha Pangma in April this year, climbing independently. Prior to reaching BC (in Tibet), he will acclimatize by trekking in Nepal. After Shisha, Andrew hopes to meet Iñaki Ochoa and his team at Annapurna BC for a joint climb.

Andrew’s website: www.andrew-lock.com
Slovak Cho Oyu-Shisha Pangma expedition: Dodo Kopold's 4x8,000ers, first stage
Slovak Dodo Kopold, together with mates Pavol Lazar, the expedition leader, Jaro Dutka, and Marek Hudak, will climb Cho Oyu and then attempt a new route on Shisha Pangma's south face, alpine style.

After the end of the expedition and a month’s rest at home, Kopold will will team up with fellow Slovak Peter Hamor and Polish Piotr Morawski on to attempt an alpine-style first ascent on the west face of K2. The three climbers will acclimatize on Nanga Parbat before moving to K2’s BC on Savoy Glacier.
Expedition’s website: www.himalaya2007.expedition.sk

Lhotse – Nepal - 8501m
Dan Mazur’s Summit Climb Lhotse expedition
Dan Mazur is launching an expedition on Lhotse from March 29 through June 6, 2007. His Summit Climb outfitting company offers either a fully-supplied trip or just logistics for independent climbers. Mazur, leading another team on neighboring Everest, will act as coordinator.

SummitClimb: www.summitclimb.com
Pemba Dorje for Everest + Lhotse in one day, plus Babu’s record
Pemba Dorje Sherpa, current record-holder of the fastest Everest ascent (set in 2004 with an 8 hrs 10 min ascent on O2 from the south side) is going for a double challenge: Everest + Lhotse in one day. He also plans to meet the record of the late Babu Chirri Sherpa by remaining on top of Everest for 24 hours without supplementary O2.
Ice 8000
Ice 8000 (formerly Himalayan Guides)is Henry Todd's outfitter.It has expeditions announced on Everest's south side and Lhotse.

Expedition website:www.ice8000.com
Kari Kobler's Swiss expedition
Swiss guide Kari Kobler is again launching an expedition on Everest's south side. A further team for Lhote is also announced.

Expedition’s website (German):www.kobler-partner.ch

Cho Oyu – Tibet - 8188m
American Marolt brothers: Cho Oyu + Everest ski descent
Americans Mike and Steve Marolt are going for a double-header this spring. The goal: Acclimatize on Cho Oyu with a ski descent included, followed by an encore on Everest’s north side.
Slovak Cho Oyu-Shisha Pangma expedition: Dodo Kopold's 4x8,000ers, first stage
Slovak Dodo Kopold, together with mates Pavol Lazar, the expedition leader, Jaro Dutka, and Marek Hudak, will climb Cho Oyu and then attempt a new route on Shisha Pangma's south face, alpine style.

After the end of the expedition and a month’s rest at home, Kopold will will team up with fellow Slovak Peter Hamor and Polish Piotr Morawski on to attempt an alpine-style first ascent on the west face of K2. The three climbers will acclimatize on Nanga Parbat before moving to K2’s BC on Savoy Glacier.
Expedition’s website: www.himalaya2007.expedition.sk
Silvio Mondinelli: Cho Oyu training for Broad Peak
Italian Silvio Mondinelli has only Broad Peak to go in order to complete the 14x8000ers quest. Before he goes for the Pakistani peak though, he is climbing Cho Oyu together with some friends as a training. Teaming up with Gnaro will be his regular climbing mate Marco Confortola.

The team, also comprising Alberto Magliano, Floriano and Daniele Lenatti, Camillo Della Vedova, Tarcisio Giordani, Anna Greco, Camillo Cariboni, Enrico della Rosa, and Luisa Domasi, will depart Italy on April 9.

Silvio’s website (Italian): www.gnaromondinelli.it
Amical Alpin Cho Oyu expedition
Ralf Dujmovits’ Amical outfitter will launch a guided team on Cho Oyu this spring. The guide will be Michi Waerthl (a K2, Nanga Parbat and GII summiteer). As with all other Amical expeditions, it will be done without supplementary O2.

Amical’s website (German): www.amical.de
Gavin Bate: Cho Oyu as training for an Everest traverse
British climber Gavin Bate will attempt an N-S Everest traverse alpine style. Bates plans to acclimatize first by climbing Cho Oyu with a team of clients from Adventure Alternative outfitting company. “I have five people on my team plus my co-guide Steve Pinfield,” Gavin said.

Adventure Alternative: www.adventurealternative.com
Gavin’s website: www.everestpost.com

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